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How to get a Canadian Job Offer Validation

Job Offer Validation is a process by which a Canadian government body determines whether a particular job offer made by a Canadian employer to a foreign individual should be approved (validated).

1. We need your CV or a resume and within 10 -14 business days, we will screen your application. As part of this screening, we match your skill sets against currently available job openings along with a signed application and a retainer fee. Check in this blog  Employability Skills Report  .

2.If the employment is to take place in Montreal or another city in the Province of Quebec, the job offer must also be approved by the Quebec Government.

3.Arranged Employment in Canada
You must find an employer who is looking for worker with your qualifications and is willing to hire you, then such employer must apply to HRDC for Arranged Employment Opinion (if offer is to hire you after you land in Canada as a PR) or must apply to HRDC for job offer validation (labour market opinion) if the offer is for immediate hiring and to obtain necessary work permit.

In Canada, the Arranged Employment Factor is one of the six factors for which points are awarded by Canadian Immigration Visa Officers in determining whether a Skilled Worker / Professional applicant will be accepted or refused.

Hiring and Recruiting foreign-trained workers

The process of hiring and Recruiting Internationally-Trained and Educated Individuals.

For starters, consider these four important reasons:

  • The Canadian-born workforce is shrinking and the demand for labour is growing.
  • Skilled immigrants can help Canadian companies do business with the world.
  • Skilled immigrants bring higher levels of education and innovative and international expertise.
  • The local market is changing as more immigrants settle in the GTA.


Internationally trained and educated individuals do not necessarily need more training than others to perform well in the workplace. In many cases, programs are available for internationally trained individuals at little or no cost.

Some ways to help determine whether an applicant is qualified to do a job and to help integrate internationally trained individuals into the workplace are:

Credential assessment
There are organizations listed here are given authority by provincial and territorial governments to do foreign credential assessment and recognition.

Internship programs
Internship programs are short-term employment programs that give applicants an opportunity to learn about the Canadian workplace while working.
Mentoring is a good way to introduce and integrate internationally trained individuals into the work force

Bridge training

Bridge-training projects offer individuals training, education and other supports for specific occupations or trades.

How to qualify for professional practice in Ontario

First your training has to meet Ontario’s standards. You need to have your training assessed when you are:

1) Getting licensed
To be licensed to work in Ontario, you need to meet the standards of your profession or trade. Many professions and trades set standards for their members. Some will assess your education for you. Others may accept assessments from other organizations.

You need to contact the regulating body for your trade or profession to find out about their standards.

2) Evaluating your education
If you need further education, you will need to have your education assessed.

3) Looking for a job
You may need to have your education assessed to work in Ontario. The Government of Ontario has funded World Education Services Canada to assess your education and skills and many private companies like Hineni  help through in the process too.