Hiring and Recruiting foreign-trained workers

The process of hiring and Recruiting Internationally-Trained and Educated Individuals.

For starters, consider these four important reasons:

  • The Canadian-born workforce is shrinking and the demand for labour is growing.
  • Skilled immigrants can help Canadian companies do business with the world.
  • Skilled immigrants bring higher levels of education and innovative and international expertise.
  • The local market is changing as more immigrants settle in the GTA.


Internationally trained and educated individuals do not necessarily need more training than others to perform well in the workplace. In many cases, programs are available for internationally trained individuals at little or no cost.

Some ways to help determine whether an applicant is qualified to do a job and to help integrate internationally trained individuals into the workplace are:

Credential assessment
There are organizations listed here are given authority by provincial and territorial governments to do foreign credential assessment and recognition.

Internship programs
Internship programs are short-term employment programs that give applicants an opportunity to learn about the Canadian workplace while working.
Mentoring is a good way to introduce and integrate internationally trained individuals into the work force

Bridge training

Bridge-training projects offer individuals training, education and other supports for specific occupations or trades.

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