Applying for a Job in Canada

Applying for a Job

  • How do I apply for a job?
  • What kind of CV do I need?
  • What will the interview process be like?
  • Will my qualifications be recognised?
  • Do I still need to pay Canada tax and National Insurance?
  • What are the next steps?
  • Our Services
How do I apply for a job?
You can begin the application process from your home country but you will probably need to be in Canada for the interview stage unless a company offers you a telephone interview.
Typical methods of application include online application forms and CVs with covering letters.
What kind of CV do I need?

CVs in Canada are similar to those used in the UK (see applications, CVs and interviews for ideas ), but you will not need to include your marital status in your personal details. Check our Resume & Writing services


What will the interview process be like?
The interview process is usually comparable to UK recruiters’ procedures. Small companies use a single interview, while larger multinational companies may employ a variety of methods from interviews to psychometric tests or assessment centres. Check this blog often or Register in Hineni Member Site  for more information on interview techniques in Canada.
Will my qualifications be recognised?
Employers should recognise qualifications equivalent to the post-16 Baccalaureat, college or university degrees. They may ask to see evidence of these qualifications and so you may need to have your degree certificate and transcripts translated into English or French and certified.
If you wish to compare your professional, vocational or technical qualifications wit Canadian qualifications, consult WES. To compare your academic qualifications, contact Canadian Academic Centre for international credentialsor contract our office for a small fee to help you to go through the process.
This Blog also gives information on how to make your skills and qualifications easily understood in Canada.
Do I still need to pay Canada tax and National Insurance?
Foreign nationals living and working in Canada pay taxes to the Canadian government and can probably  receive credit with the their government for income tax on return to the UK, USA or so. If you are planning to live and work in Canada, check your local tax and National Insurance position with the correspondence Revenue & Customs to ensure that you are not losing any of your local pension rights.
What are the next steps?
Find out more about work experience in Canada. Check whether you need a visa. Look for jobs using these vacancy sources.
Our Services
We are a well-known and established job reporting service. Through investigating and consolidating contract positions leads from every possible online and printed source—including various Contract  job boards and employer websites, we uncover thousands of new Contract employment opportunities each day.

If you are interested in Canada to live , employment , study or for business , we  publish content that help  foreign workers to find work within Canadian companies that are looking for internationally trained professionals.

Please sign up for the low subscription fee of $49.95 yearly.  This fee will give you access to our job reporting or Mayor Canadian Employers directory. Please note that you will receive a confirmation email within 48 hours or less with your user name and password. This is to ensure that the website stays exclusively for international trained professionals and Canadian companies. Also remember that 10% of your subscription fee will go into Bet Haderech Congregation.


Your personal information is not released to anyone. Please contac us with any questions you may have. If you wish you may email your resume (curriculum vitae) and cover letter for revision and consideration.  For  subscriptions to job resources click  HERE

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