How to get a Canadian Job Offer Validation

Job Offer Validation is a process by which a Canadian government body determines whether a particular job offer made by a Canadian employer to a foreign individual should be approved (validated).

1. We need your CV or a resume and within 10 -14 business days, we will screen your application. As part of this screening, we match your skill sets against currently available job openings along with a signed application and a retainer fee. Check in this blog  Employability Skills Report  .

2.If the employment is to take place in Montreal or another city in the Province of Quebec, the job offer must also be approved by the Quebec Government.

3.Arranged Employment in Canada
You must find an employer who is looking for worker with your qualifications and is willing to hire you, then such employer must apply to HRDC for Arranged Employment Opinion (if offer is to hire you after you land in Canada as a PR) or must apply to HRDC for job offer validation (labour market opinion) if the offer is for immediate hiring and to obtain necessary work permit.

In Canada, the Arranged Employment Factor is one of the six factors for which points are awarded by Canadian Immigration Visa Officers in determining whether a Skilled Worker / Professional applicant will be accepted or refused.

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