Canada:Country Overview

CANADA: Country Overview

  • Geography
  • Living in Canada
  • Economy and finance
  • Culture
  • Politics
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Canada is vast. It is the world’s second largest country in the World.
Population: 32  million
Border countries to Canada: US
Climate: Template warm to harsh cold.
Terrain: Mainly flat plains and hills with mountainous zones in the praires and west.
Natural hazards: Flooding, storms, avalanches, forest fires.

Living in Canada
Cost of living: compared with the UK, property and wine cost less but on average the cost of living is similar.
Utilities: slightly cheaper than in the UK.
Internet domain: .ca for Canada.
Health: high standard of health and wellbeing. Canada has one of the best healthcare systems in the World.
Laws and customs: Commom law prevails mostly.
See Canad Life and the Rough Guides profile of Canada for more information.

Economy and finance
Currency: Canadian Dollar

Type of economy: Western capitalist
Health of economy: is one of the world’s wealthiest nations. Similar to some EU states
Unemployment rate: According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the annual unemployment rate for Canada in 2007 was reported at 8.3%.
Main exports: Agriculture, energy, natural gas, Machinery and transportation equipment for aircraft, plastics, chemicals, pharmaceutical products,forestry, iron and steel.


People: Canadian or French-Canadian with heritage of one of the following groups: English, French, Scottish, Irish. Minority groups include Local aboriginals, Italian, Chinese,Ukranian, Portuguese, Hispanics,Caribbean, new immigrants  from Asia (including the Middle East)  like Israel.
Major religion: Canada is constitutionally a secular country, but the strongest religion has historically been Christian.
History: For an outline of French history, see BBC Timeline: Canada.
Local etiquette: See the Rough Guides for more information on Canada culture and etiquette.

Type of government: parliamentary government with strong democratic traditions. Parliament is made up of the Crown, an elected House of Commons, and an appointed Senate.
Major political parties: the Conservative Party of Canada (governing party), the Liberal Party of Canada (Official Opposition), the New Democratic Party (NDP), and the Bloc Québécois. The list of historical parties with elected representation is substantial.

Travel advice
Check with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) for the latest travel advice and travel checklist.

More information
See contacts and resources for a list of useful websites or visit
Wikipedia Canada
The World Factbook
Rough Guides
XE Universal Currency Converter
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