Canada, career and Professions

One of the greatest economic challenges facing the world today is unemployment. As the world population booms, the number of people aiming to climb the employment ladder increases while new work opportunities grow at a slower pace.

Employment plays a crucial role in a nation’s economy. It is one of the determinants of the economic health of a country and has a significant implication on the quality of life of its citizens. With the advent of globalization and the diversification of the workplace, today’s workers are facing with both the challenge to secure a job and the opportunity to work abroad.

The recent global employment trend report from the International Labour Organization (ILO) estimates global unemployment to grow by five million people in 2008 because of the credit crises and rising oil prices.

Despite this dim unemployment projection, professionals and skilled workers should never lost hope in landing a job for a number of career opportunities is offered in Canada. Globalization made overseas employment easier. It has also widened the business arena and allowed greater workforce mobility. Jobs currently in demand in Canada include those in the medical sector, financial services industry and information technology (IT) industry.

As you find your way up the employment ladder,  we hope to provide you with information on  Canadian employment, tips that could help you land a job within your own country or Canada, and insights on various employment opportunities abroad and some of the professions that are in demand in the global employment market.

The world today is wider and diverse than the world we know before. Thus, professionals and skilled workers are advised to gear up themselves for a competitive employment battle.

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