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List of Canadian visa employers for 2009

This database shows all employers who received approval from  Canadian Immigration  for work permit/ visas in federal fiscal year 2009.

The database can be set to display between 10 and 200 employers on a single page. To search for individual companies, please use the search link above the column heads. ( see the full listing, work permit/ Co-Op work  use by Canadian firms holds steady in ’09.)
Canadian Employers approved for  work Permit visas in 2009



Job hunting for foreign trained professionals in Canada

How and where to obtain Canadian experience for foreign trained professionals and skilled immigrants on the journey to employment in their chosen …

The type of visa that one needs in order to work in Canada typically requires analyzing the position that the worker will fill and the qualifications of the worker. Below are the most common work visa categories and the general criteria for such visas.

  • Visa for Specialty Workers
  • Health Professionals and Registered Nurses
  • Visas for Temporary or Seasonal Workers
  • Visa for Trainees
  • Visas for Investors, Business Owner and Entrepreneurs
  • Visas for Executives, Managers, Intracompany Transferees
  • Foreign Nationals with Extraordinary Ability
  • Cultural Exchange Program Participants
  • TN for US  and Mexican citizens*


The TN classification applies to a US or Mexican citizen seeking admission as a “professional” temporarily under the North American Free Trade Agreement (“NAFTA”). TN employment must be in a profession listed in Appendix 1603.0.1 to NAFTA and the TN employee must possess the credentials required.

How to get the visa?

First , it’s important to understand that for  anyone to obtain a work visa, the process is that you Must 1ST find a ‘visa job or offer with a company that will sponsor (apply) your visa.

ONLY AFTER you have succesfully found and secured your visa job (sponsorship)- Your new visa employer can then file your visa application forms with Canada Immigration. To find visa jobs- click here
Therefore, the fist and most challenging stage in the process is finding and securing a visa job with an visa sponsoring company.
*individuals can Not apply for their own work visa- Only your new employer company can.

*applying to jobs and companies that do not sponsor work visa is a waste of your time!

Where to find jobs?

From You learn that some of below hot jobs have significant educational and/or experience requirements, others don’t in Canada. If you are qualified, now’s the time to get going on your job search! If you are not qualified yet, keep in mind that these occupations will continue to grow for at least the next ten years. So, you have plenty of time to prepare for a career change. Take a look at the available opportunities to see which If you are qualified, then consider your options for the future. Start your online job search here:   OneStop Job Center

•Home health aides
•Network systems and data communications analysts
•Medical assistants
•Physician assistants
•Computer software engineers
•Physical therapist assistants
•Dental hygienists
•Computer software engineers
•Dental assistants
•Personal and home care aides
•Retail salespersons
•Registered nurses
•Postsecondary teachers
•Customer service representatives
•Janitors and cleaners
•Waiters and waitresses
•Combined food preparation and serving workers
•Home health aides
•Nursing aides, orderlies, and attendants
•General and operations managers

How to go around the “No Canadian experience and without a work permit” I

As the post title, my intention will be to provide you information related to  how to go around the ‘no Canadian experience and without a work permit” Part I,  in your search of “How to Live and work in Canada. I’ve been living here since 2001 and a lot of things have changed. However, I think that I can help you go through your dream of living in Canada and working as an immigrant.

My dream started back in 2000 when I finished my undergraduate degree and when I was looking for universities to a Master’s degree abroad. That’s how everything starts.

If you have the same dream, or if you’re also want to live and work in Canada here read on.

In order for Foreign Trained Professionals to get jobs in Canada, the first step is that they need to have qualifications and licenciature  aproved or  their Foreign Qualifications   Evaluated and Recognized in Canada  by one of the 34 Canadian regulatory professional career  bodies.

Second step is  to register in their field association. Third step is  to register in  Co-op universities programs,  where a Foreign National, worker or professional  is able to  upgrade  language or  career skills.

As Foreign National, worker or professional take advantage of work-study field  or  internships placements, because they will give  you the so called  “Canadian experience”  and through it you could get a legal Canadian  work permit.  Hineni Media  listings shows all the employers that participate in Co-Op work-study programs. Hineni Media  listing provides all the essential information such as application deadlines, compensation, perks, selectivity and more.. 

A Canadian work permit is a temporary resident visa issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada to grant permission to foreign workers seeking to engage in employment in Canada. It most commonly has maximum validity of up to one year, although work permits can be issued for up to three years in some cases. We’ll talk about that in  the  part II of “‘No Canadian experience and without a work permit “.

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Arranged Employment

Is there really a way to expedite the process of your Canada Visa?

Yes, there are two ways to do this. First, there’s the Provincial Nominee Program. More and more provinces in Canada are now being open to immigrants and are expanding their programs. Just recently, the Government of NewfoundLand and Labrador introduced a new category on their program: Family Connections Category. If you have relatives from this province, this is worth considering.

The second way to expedite the process is thru an Arranged Employment Opinion (AEO). An AEO is a Human Resource and Skills Development Council (HRSDC) approved permanent job offer by a Canadian employer to a foreignskilled worker. This will help a worker gain permanent residency in Canada. It is different from a Labor Market Opinion, which is necessary in applying for a work permit.

According to the Canadian High Commission in  Canada, the approval of a job offer by HRSDC is an indication that a foreign worker is required to address a skill or labour shortage in Canada. Permanent residence applicationsfrom those with approved permanent job offers can therefore be considered and processed more quickly than if the applicants do not have job offers in Canada.

Based on our experience, an application filed with an AEO is processed within 6 months to 1 year only.

Do you want an Arranged Employment Opinion?

Start looking for employers here.

 Current AEO Opportunities

026   .NET/C# Developer 2174
019   3D Graphic Artist 5241
022   Accountant 1111
022   Administrative officer 1221
004   Architect Technicians 2231
003   Architects 2151
004   Architects 2151
004   Artists 5136
020   Autobody Repairer 7322
020   Automobile Mechanic 7231
022   Bookkeeper 1231
004   Bookkeepers 1231
007   Caterers 6242
013   Cement Finishers 7282
007   Chefs 6241
005   Civil Engineering Technicians 2231
005   Civil Engineers 2131
002   Communication Network Technologist 2241
004   Computer Network Technicians/System Administrator 2281
004   Computer-Assisted Drafting (CAD) Technicians 2253
007   Cooks 6242
001   Delivery Personnel 6211
002   Drafting Manager 2253
003   Draftsmen 2253
004   Draftsmen 2253
015   Drywallers 7284
002   Electrical Engineering Technicians 2241
002   Electrical Engineers 0211
002   Electrical Transmission Engineer 2133
017   Electricians 7242
007   Event Planners 1226
010   Food and Beverage Managers 0631
005   Formwork Carpenters 7271
014   Formwork Carpenters 7271
005   Formwork Carpenters 7271
014   Formwork Carpenters 7271
003   Graphic Artists 5241
010   Hotel Manager 0632
006   Insurance Agents 6231
008   Landscape Garden Supervisors 2225
001   Logistics Personnel 0713
022   Marketing Consultants 4163
004   Materical Purchasing Officers 1225
009   Mechanical Engineering Technicians 2232
009   Mechanical Engineers 2132
004   Model Makers – in house architect 7232
020   Motor vehicle repair shop Supervisor 7216
004   Pattern Makers 5245
008   Paving Stone Technicians 7217
018   Plumbers 7251
012   Rebar (ironworkers 7264
013   Rebar (ironworkers 7264
011   Roofers 7291
004   Sales Specialists 6221
004   Secretaries 1214
006   Secretaries 1241
002   Steel Detailers/Draftsmen 2253
004   Studio Carpenters (Model Making) 7271
022   Teaching Assistant Estheticians 4131
016   Tilesetters 7283
019   Video Game Programmer 2174
001   Warehouse Personnel 1215
003   Website Designers 2175

Working in Canada

Canada has undergone a period of unprecedented growth over the past 10 years. Add to that a low unemployment rate and an ageing population and the result is that a number of occupational categories are reporting a desperate need for skilled personnel to be working in Canada.

Canada businesses are increasingly looking overseas for skilled migrants who can plug the skills shortage gap and help the country to grow. This works out as a ‘win – win’ situation, as it also enables migrants to emigrate to a safe and beautiful country. 

Canada consistently rates as having a high standard of living in international reports, with good job prospects on offer for potential migrants.   Additionally, Canada’s foreign workforce find it easy to settle in to the relaxed atmosphere of working in Canada. The people are friendly, the wages are excellent and there is a strong focus on family and a healthy work/life balance.

HIneni Media job listing service can offer assistance in finding jobs in Canada for migrants working in any of the skills categories below, provided they have the qualifications and experience required by the Canada employer.

Applicants who have permanent job offers in Canada are eligible to receive 10 points under the Arranged Employment category, which could be crucial to the applicant successfully meeting the current pass mark. 

An occupation approved by Human Resources and Social Development Canada (HRSDC) is an indication that skilled foreign workers are required to address an immediate Canadian skill or labour shortage. Permanent residence applications submitted with the job offer are therefore put on the Canadian visa fast-track, and are processed more quickly than those without job offers; typically the waiting time is reduced from 4 years to just 12 months.

The occupation list is broken down into the following 3 major skills categories:
Health Services

Should you find the occupation that matches your own, meet the basic requirements and successfully take advantage of our Job listing Service, then you could enjoy stress-free arrival in Canada with no job hunting necessary. 

The benefits are obvious; take an online assessment, and attach your CV to apply.  In return, we will contact you within 48 hours for a no-obligation consultation instructing you of your chances of securing a job offer in Canada with the assistance of our job search database.