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Canada: From Work Permit To Permanent Residence

Working temporarily in Canada can be used as a step towards gaining residence and settling here permanently.

If your talents are needed by Canadian employers, or you have exceptional talent in the arts, culture or sports, you can apply to work in Canada under our Work to Residence category.

The rules for residing and working in Canada depend on your country of origin and the purpose and length of your stay in Canada. There are separate rules for USA and Mexican citizens, EU/EEA citizens, and citizens of other countries.

Canada work opportunities

For general information, advice and links to do with finding work in Canada, take a look at the work opportunities section of our Living in Canada: a Guide for Migrants.


Find out about the different Work to Residence policies, and the requirements that you will need to meet to get a Work to Residence visa and/or permit.

How to apply
Start the application process.

After you are accepted
If you are already in Canada on a Work to Residence permit, after two years you can apply for residence.

If you have been in Canada for a while and your circumstances have changed, find out how your visa or permit may be affected.

If you have your Work to Residence visa and you want to find out what to do to prepare for departure and what to expect when you arrive, take a look at our I’m accepted – tell me more pages.

Job Opportunities for Ethnic Minority Students & Graduates

People from ethnic minorities are no longer automatically disadvantaged in modern Canada,  athough racism still exists, progress on promoting racial equality in the last decade helped to create a society that is more comfortable with diversity than ever before, “Canada today is not the same place as it was a decade ago”.

It is evident throughout the professions. Ethnic minority students in Canada are winning places in top and diverse firms only to be channelled into less commercial areas of technology, health, law, broadcasting, investment banking, teaching, the police and the and Civil Service. They work hard to qualify. They work hard to get training contracts. Just like all locals born students do. Only to find themselves caught in the centre of a corporate maze, where all the exit routes are career dead ends. They have neither the contacts nor the networks that other local students have. But social media and networking groups are helping to change that. And they have an important role to play.

So just how Black , Asian or White are certain professions? Here we present some  tips for you as ethnic and visible minority get a job opportunity.

Use your background positively

Hineni Settlment services   can help you create a positive CV that really makes the most of your experience and skills. For more advice on career planning and job-hunting techniques,  You can also  visit  Ministry of Mission  to see what advice and support I offer. Hineni  Firm advice and guide on getting a summer jobs and have details of graduate student training schemes for foreigners with a variety of Canadian employers.

Get into  a paid summer work experience programme or summer internships.

There is  a number of schemes, which offer a variety of work experience, skills training and career development programmes.

Useful links

Hineni Media  sells  a employment  listing directory which 50% profits goes to Ministry of Mission    . The directory  that has over 250 companies from numerous Canadian sectors offering job opportunities only to ethnic minority graduates .

Canada Employment Outlook 2010: Top Fields for Foreign Trained Job Hunters

I am posting this Manpower Report here as it might be of interest to jobseekers and career practitioners.

Manpower survey of more than 1,900 employers in Canada reveals subdued Canadian labour market in Q1 2010. Full report  CLICK HERE

Canadian employers forecast subdued labor market in Q1 2010. 15% of employers expect to increase headcount, 13% anticipate a decrease and 70% predict no change.

Top fields for Foreign Trained Job Hunters:

Health Care
Corporate Finance and Accounting

Rermember that finding a job is based on who you know. “Opportunities happen when you meet and contact people.”

Courtesy of

We also offer relocation services for Canada and providing employment and immigration solutions for individuals relocating or seeking jobs in Canada .

Tips on Finding a Job in Canada

 To be successful in Canada, you must have the job-search tools and the know-how to compete head-to-head successfully with an Canadian applicant.

If you plan to go to Canada  as a temporary-worker, you must prove to Canadian immigration that you are not replacing the talents of an Canadian worker and that no other Canadian worker could do what you do or wants to do what you do. The most critical element of your Canada job search is knowing which industries you are most likely to be hired.

However, as technology developes the Canadian workplace, some of the traditional good jobs’ that overseas workers were previously able to secure in Canada are in less and less demand.

According to the service Canada website, jobs sectors such as farmers, garment sewing machine operators, private household cleaners, typists and word processors, bookkeepers, accountants, audit clerks and bank tellers have already been in decline, and will continue to stagnate to the point of offering limited job opportunities in the years to come.

These employment positions have deteriorated as world industries harmonize their labor force needs and rely on the computer or outsourcing to do the work once accomplished in  Canada. Needless to say, you probably shouldn’t look to Canada for this kind of work. Instead, do your homework and open an atlas.

The key to getting to Canada faster is by finding employers that truly need you. You should determine which Canadian Provinces are in desperate need of your type of experience. Do some research on hot or in-demand jobs, and which fields are in rapid expansion mode and cannot get enough people to feed the demand for talent.

 Look for employment trends province-by-province through the Internet or here .  If you would like more information about current Canada job news and more effective insider tips for landing a job in Canada, please visit

Marisol Diaz  is an established author and international career consultant. She is also the founder and president of , publisher of international employment self-help manuals. She can be reached at or Tel: 1-647.448.2052

Visa de Trabajo y Vacaciones – Canada

Acérquese y explore las distintas posibilidades que Canadá le ofrece: viajes extraordinarios, oportunidades de estudio, un clima dinámico de negocios, y una cálida bienvenida para inmigrantes, así como una biblioteca especializada en estudios canadienses.

Emigrar a Canadá – conozca más acerca del proceso de inmigración

Estudiar en Canadá – descubra las posibilidades que Canadá ofrece a estudiantes de todos los niveles

Trabajar en Canadá – cómo tramitar un permiso para trabajar en Canadá

Visitar Canadá – conozca Canadá con sus propios ojos

Solicitud para un documento de viaje – residentes permanentes de regreso

Cuotas – cuánto cuestan los trámites de visas y permisos

Hacer negocios con Canadá – información para empresarios y gente de negocios
Quiere trabajar o  conseguir empleo en Canada ? Aqui le ponemos los pasos generales que se toman en la mayoria de las provincias para obtener el permiso
de trabajo o ( work permit)

Los pasos para conseguir un permiso de trabajo son:

1)    Conseguir un empleador que lo quiera contratar

2)    El empleador debe tener o debe conseguir un Labour Market Opinion (LMO):

a.    El LMO es un permiso que el empleador le pide al gobierno para poder contratar a un foráneo.
b.    El empleador o patron puede pedir un formato LMO en la siguiente página web:
c.    El LMO estipula el tipo de empleo, pago, horas y beneficios que el trabajador va a tener. d.    El LMO debe incluir su nombre: Si la empresa ya tiene LMO, entonces hay que añadir su nombre. Si no tiene LMO, la empresa pide uno nombrándolo a usted. Toda la información para obtener un LMO esta en esta página:
e.    Hay LMOs que salen en 2 o 5 días, apresurando así el proceso. Estos se llaman “expedited LMO” y es solo para un cierto número de ocupaciones. La aplicación que debe llenar el empleadores para este tipo de LMO esta en la siguiente página (también incluye una lista de ocupaciones): 

3)    Puede que requiera un examen médico. Este examen solo lo puede hacer un doctor autorizado por Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Para una lista de estos doctores en su país o en Canadá vaya a la siguiente página:

4)    Va a requerir un pasado de antecedentes no penales de su país y de cualquier otro país en donde haya vivido por más de seis meses después de haber cumplido los 18 años de edad. Para instrucciones vaya a:

5)    El empleador debe darle una copia del LMO (este puede tardar entre 5 días y 2 meses en salir, y todo depende de la ocupación para la que va a trabajar)

6)    Con copia del LMO, un contrato firmado (el contrato debe de prometer las mismas condiciones que las del LMO), carta de oferta de trabajo, antecedentes no penales, pruebas de que cumple los requisitos del trabajo (esto puede incluir certificados de graduación de la preparatoria/bachillerato, y cartas de recomendación de antiguos empleadores) debe pedir el permiso de trabajo DESDE FUERA DE CANADA.

a.    Si es visitante/turista en Canadá tiene que salir del país.
b.    Si proviene de un país que requiera visa para entrar a Canadá (Colombia, Chile, Perú, Ecuador, Guatemala, etc.) debe hacer la aplicación en la embajada de Canadá en su país.
c.    Si proviene de un país que no requiera visa para entrar a Canadá (México, España), puede pedir el permiso al entrar a Canadá (aeropuerto, puerto marítimo, o frontera con E.U). Pero primero debe salir del país y luego al entrar pedir el permiso


♦    Puede obtener empleo por medio de una agencia mediadora o reclutadora, pero tenga mucho cuidado con quien trata
♦    No le pueden cobrar por conseguirle el empleo o el permiso sino por informacion o consulta.  Las agencias que le cobren por conseguirle el permiso lo están haciendo ilegalmente y solo se presta para problemas en el futuro: ¡no se arriesgue!
♦    El contrato que firme con esta agencia no puede prohibirle renunciar antes del término de su permiso. Si en el contrato existe una cláusula prohibiéndole la renuncia a menos de que pague una suma de dinero, ese contrato es ilegal. 
♦    No le crea a ninguna agencia o empleador que le garantice la residencia permanente (nada es 100% seguro).
♦    No firme ningún contrato en español que no sea idéntico al de ingles (asegúrese de que tengan el mismo número de cláusulas, y pida la opinión de otra persona bilingüe)
♦    Siempre pida copia del LMO (Labour Market Opinion)
♦    Ninguna agencia de colocación o empleador lo puede deportar. Si tratan de hacerlo eso es equivalente a un secuestro y puede denunciarlos ante la policía.

Aun con todos los papeles en orden, el oficial de inmigración a la entrada del país le puede deportar.

Aprenda sobre los derechos del trabajador y las posibilidades de residencia permanente antes de firmar un contrato para que no se lleve sorpresas desagradables.

– Para más información sobre como obtener empleo en Canadá vaya a:
 NO se atiende a los visitantes, turistas o solicitantes de refugio. Solo a los trabajadores con permiso de trabajo y a sus familias.

Para consultarnos sin ningún costo sobre este y otros articulos contacte a:

Marisol Diaz @  647.448.2052

Las  guías y subscripcion   con listados de empleo/trabajo  en formato Adobe Acrobat PDF o bajo subscripcion son actualizadas si es necesario antes de enviarla de manera que la información siempre es la más reciente.  Es decir, si hay algun cambio a los reglamentos de inmigración o alguna noticia relevante al tema lo incluiremos en su  guía.



You may think that having undergone the process of qualifying for emigration to Canada and having your skills assessed and approved, you are on the straight and narrow and Canada will welcome you with open arms. Migrant skills, your skills, are in demand, right? Well, yes, whilst that is true and that you have qualified to enter the country based on them, might be true but that  is not the case for you to find and walk straight into your dream job.

You see, whilst the skills that you possess have clearly been identified as being ‘in demand’, it does not necessarily follow that working for your employer with immediate effect can take place, especially at the income you might think you’ll be taking home in your wage packet. How ones job operates in the Asia,EU or the US is not necessarily indicative of how the same job can be carried out in Canada.


A retail or hospital pharmacist, a worthy example of a job skill in demand throughout Canada, who has a professional degree qualification obtained in the UK, has worked for a large number of years in the profession and who is a member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain, will not be able to commence work in Canada without undergoing a one-year work under supervision (pre-registration) period and completing extra curricular study leading to passes in both verbal and written examination leading to state licensing. Pay will be at pre-registration level.

An ambitious, time-served air-conditioning engineer who wants to set up work on his own cannot without the necessary licence and for this he or she needs to undergo a lengthy period of work under supervision.

These two examples, which can be applied to so many trades and professions in the provinces and territories, may make you feel you’re no nearer your goal in achieving your dream life in Canada, but it’s not all that bad. Really, it’s not.


English expat, Judy White, an Canadian resident of three years and colaborator of work in Canada recently highlighted to us the employment issues facing new migrants, both from the UK and other parts of the world. Your resume (C.V.) will, understandably, be written for your home country, not Canada. It sounds ludicrous to think that such an easy document to scrutinise and make a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ decision upon should be unfamiliar in a foreign country like Canada, but it’s a fact of life. It seems every migrant is required to spend much time re-shaping the style and content of their resume to appeal to Canadian employers, simply just to get a foot in the door and not be turned away in an instance. Consider also that a resume should appeal to the employer and subtle changes that emphasise certain aspects of your working background can reap reward.

Hineni Media can help you do this and, you’ll be pleased to hear, will seek out job opportunities local to the area you intend to emigrate to or are currently settled in, identify state, territory or national work licences you need to operate successfully and advise on how you go about getting such licences. The packages they offer fall into two categories.


For just $ 295 Hineni Media staff will provide:

A Professional Resume
Skills Marketing – One Month Subscription**
Identify State Requirements for your Vocation


A comprehensive programme, which goes above and beyond their employment services, is priced at just $395 and includes some really helpful solutions for new arrivals to Canada:

A Professional Resume
Skills Marketing – One Month Subscription**
Identify State Requirements for your Vocation
plus information in regard to:

Airport Pick Ups
Temporary Accommodation
Car Rent
Furniture Storage
Banks, Hospitals, Doctors, Dentists, Schools
Location of Major and Local Shopping Centres
Things to do (ideal for parents with children!)


No Visa? Try Sponsorship! Did you know that Canadian companies, in a variety of sectors, are now expanding their search internationally in order to source suitable candidates to fill their skills shortages?

Sponsorship is an ideal way for companies to get the right person for their business but it can be quite daunting if you are the candidate looking to approach these companies.

Our experienced team are in regular contact with businesses all over Canada that have expressed an interest in sponsorship.

As part of our Sponsorship Package we will make the initial introduction on your behalf, professionally promoting your skills, experience and qualifications in order to encourage sponsorship.

Cost $495. Includes:

Professional Resume
Company Introduction & Skills Promotion – One Month Subscription**
Visa Application Information

(** Skills Marketing service can be extended if required)

How to identify the jobs you want

You can do this with three simple steps

1.Prepare an effective resume.

There are 3 main resume styles. Choose the one most effective in presenting your qualifications:

Chronological – Most traditional style and most preferred by employers
Best for those with an impressive work history in their field of interest
Effective for people staying within the same field or climbing the career ladder
Useful for new college graduates
Focuses on employment history and education
Experience and education are listed in reverse chronological order

Functional – Viewed skeptically by some employers preferring a more traditional approach
Best for those who have limited work experience in their field of interest
Appropriate for career changers or frequent job changers
Effective for people returning to the work force with employment gaps
Emphasizes skills developed through academic/volunteer/work experiences
Downplays unrelated work experience, stressing transferable job skills
Clusters one’s education, experience, and activities into skill categories

Combination – An increasingly popular choice, preferred over the functional format
Effective for people with widely varied experiences
Suitable when experiences are limited or not clearly related to job objective
Used by new college grads with relevant leadership/internship positions
Combines the elements of the chronological and functional resume types
Highlights marketable skills by summarizing strengths at the beginning
Places vital experiences in reverse chronology, after qualifications summary

2. Build or develop a Portafolio

You’d need one to show prospective employers how good you are and what you can do, so that they might hire you. A personal portfolio website is all about promoting you. You are a brand, and your name is a brand name. No one is going to know about your brand unless you get it out there.


3. Carry with you a JIST CARDA JIST Card is a combination of a RESUME and a BUSINESS CARD that fits onto a 3″ by 5″ card.


When searching for a job opportunity check out, it is Canada’s best Job-Opening Research publishing business for foreign workers, students and recent grads.

How to get a job with a Canadian company

 Call the hiring company directly. If you can’t connect by phone,  e-mailed questions about the position to the company’s human resources department to see if the job has real potential.
I would offer these words of caution and advice for any job seekers: First do your homework: Research potential employers as if you are investing in the company. Avoid blind ads, and concentrate on companies and job openings that match your needs and experience. Protect your information: Online resumes should not include your address, telephone number, or home e-mail address. Instead, set up new e-mail and voice mail accounts that can be cancelled if they become inundated. Study job boards: Although big sites on Internet sites may not be the best way to find a new position, job listings are a good place to jump-start your search and test the effectiveness of your resume. Set realistic goals: Job search sites are a good place to look, but set realistic goals. At worst, they will give you information about the types of jobs that are available. At best, you could land a great new position.

Why Use listing directories in Seeking Employment?

While most job sites these days are free, Hineni Media charges a subscription. For that fee, you ‘ll get diverse employment sources , perspective and begin to think strategically and placing yourself in the best position to take full advantage of career opportunities you can even to dream about.

When you get the source by occupation or by industry give you certain advantages:  Knowing the occupation allows you to se which industries are and  will  be having the most growth in number of jobs in Canada , also knowingg by industry allows you to see which occupations in 240 different industries or more will grow faster or have the largest increase in jobs in Canada.

Your job search, whether it is an engineering job search, a physician job search, an attorney job search, an IT job search, an internal medicine job search, a doctor job search or just plain online job search is often demanding and frustrating. But not anymore…when you learn to do it the right way. It would all begin with finding the right job openings without difficulty. You will definitely not need job search software, you can be rest assured.

Subscribe @

Empleos sin work permit en Canada

Algunos puestos de empleo (temporales en Canadá no requieren un permiso de trabajo. Es posible que no necesite un permiso de trabajo si usted se cae en una de las siguientes categorías:

* Viajes de negocios
* Los representantes extranjeros
* Los miembros de la familia de los representantes extranjeros
* Personal militar
* Exteriores de los funcionarios públicos
* Los estudiantes que trabajan en el campus
* Los artistas intérpretes o ejecutantes
* Los atletas y entrenadores
* Noticias de los periodistas
* Pública oradores
* Convención organizadores
* Clero
* Los jueces y árbitros
* Los examinadores y evaluadores
* Testigos expertos o investigadores
* Salud de atención de los estudiantes
* La aviación civil inspectores
* Investigadores de accidentes o incidentes
* Miembros de la tripulación
* Los proveedores de servicios de emergencia

Viajes de negocios
Un visitante de negocios es alguien que viene a Canadá a participar en las actividades comerciales internacionales directamente sin entrar en el mercado laboral canadiense.

Viajes de negocios debe demostrar lo siguiente:

* Su principal fuente de pago fuera de Canadá y
* Su principal lugar de negocios está fuera de Canadá.

Importante: “persona de negocios” es una categoría diferente con diferentes necesidades.

Representantes extranjeros
Diplomáticos y representantes oficiales de otros países o de las Naciones Unidas y su personal pueden trabajar en Canadá sin un permiso de trabajo.

Los miembros de la familia de los representantes extranjeros
Acreditados los miembros de la familia de los agentes diplomáticos y aquellos cuyo estado es equivalente a un diplomático puede trabajar en Canadá sin un permiso de trabajo.

Estas personas deben tener la autorización por escrito de la Oficina de Protocolo de Relaciones Exteriores y Comercio Internacional de Canadá. La autorización es en forma de una nota cuando se trata de una embajada o alta comisión. Es en la forma de una carta cuando se trata de una organización internacional. Para obtener más información, consulte el Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores y Comercio Internacional de Canadá enlace en la sección Enlaces en la parte inferior de esta página.

Personal militar

Miembros de una fuerza armada de otro país pueden trabajar en Canadá sin un permiso de trabajo si tienen órdenes de movimiento que se indica que están entrando en Canadá bajo los términos de la Ley de Fuerzas Visitantes.

Oficiales de gobiernos extranjeros
Canadá tiene acuerdos de intercambio con algunos países para los funcionarios a trabajar en los demás departamentos gubernamentales. Los funcionarios del Gobierno que vienen a trabajar en Canadá no necesita un permiso de trabajo para trabajar en Canadá, pero tienen que presentar una carta formal de acuerdo si se va a trabajar aquí por más de tres meses.

Estudiantes que trabajan en el campus
Algunos estudiantes extranjeros pueden trabajar en Canadá sin un permiso de trabajo en el campus de la institución donde están estudiando.

Los artistas intérpretes o ejecutantes
Artistas extranjeros que vienen a Canadá para llevar a cabo, así como su personal de apoyo esencial-las personas que son parte integrante del rendimiento puede trabajar sin un permiso si están aquí sólo para la realización de un período de tiempo limitado y no se ejerza en un bar o un restaurante.

Si es para llevar a cabo en un bar o restaurante, los artistas intérpretes o ejecutantes y de su personal cada uno necesita un permiso de trabajo.

Usted puede obtener mas informacion subscrito at