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How to find work in Winnipeg, Canada

In Manitoba it is each person’s responsibility to find a job. The way of looking for work may be quite different than in your home country. There are government and community agencies that will help you learn job search skills and help you find opportunities.

STEPS in your job search

  1. Job search skills: Your first step is to have a plan. By knowing where to go and what to do you will achieve your goal.
  2. Resumé, cover letter, application forms: These are your basic “tools” to tell employers the skills and experience that you can offer.
  3. Where to find jobs openings: Now that you’re ready you need to find an employer who’s ready to hire you. Get in touch with Canadian companies advertising employment opportunities.
  4. Job interview: Meeting your potential employer for the first time is the crucial moment. Work experience, language and culture all play a part in this one-on-one meeting.

Winnipeg is pretty accepting of new immigrants. You won’t be mistreated or anything. Also, if you are from certain European nations, you might have easier time. Winnipeg has a large population of Eastern European immigrants and people who are descended from Eastern Europeans, mostly Ukrainians and a significant number of Russians.

Also, keep in mind that Winnipeg is a blue-collar working-class and middle-class city. Don’t expect things like a lot of trendy nightclubs or five-star restaurants or things like that. There are a lot of good restaurants serving North American cuisine and various ethnic restaurants, but they are very causal places. The Employment outlook in all Canada will vary depending on your profession. Research type of business/position are you in.

The upsides to Winnipeg are that it is a pretty cheap city and pretty accepting of immigrants, it is certainly less expensive than most cities in European and it is cheaper than many cities in Canada and the US. Housing is pretty affordable. Today you can find someone  paying about $500 a month for pretty nice one bedroom apartment in an area within walking distance of a shopping center and was surrounded by a number of convenience stores and so on.


www.  has jobs lead info in all industries including retail jobs, restaurant jobs, bank jobs, internships and volunteer jobs, teen jobs, office jobs, part time jobs, seasonal jobs, summer jobs and many more. If you don’t find a job today, be sure to subscribe  soon as we’re always updating our database with great jobs leads.

Top 10 companies to work for in Canada

 Here according to the Financial Post (published Oct. 22, 2008) are the top 10 companies in Canada to work for.

Want a job in Canada? here is how

Best job search methods

One of two best job search methods is leads from people you know .The e second most effective one is by contacting an employer directly. you will be reading brieftly about the second method.

Direct Contact With Employers:

Some Job-Opening Research Publishing businessor matching services, such as Hineni Media Listing ends job seekers directly to the hiring company’s Web site, helping people avoid blind ads—ads in which the hiring company is unknown to the job seeker until late in the interview process. This further increases the likelihood that the job is real instead of a posting from a recruiting consultant who’s trolling for prospects.

We know the value of research. Hineni Media is something that is based on research. Hineni Media shows you all of the jobs on employer websites that you are not going to find elsewhere. Hineni Media is based on Mari’s lifelong passion for research, and is something that can make a huge difference in your life.

When searching for a job opportunity check out, it is Canada’s best Job-Openings Research publishing business for foreign workers, students and recent grads.

How job seekers find jobs in Canada: the “hidden’ job market

The “hidden’ job market  is made up of openings that become available but don’t get widely published,  but why the employers like the hidden market?

Most employers like to use it because they like to save time and money. Adverstise costs money.  He or the company also needs to save time on reading applications and setting up interviews. So how employers use it?

Employers mostly like to depend on recomendations. This can be done asking an insider employee which usually knows someone as a good and realiable worker for his/her boss or company departament. Thus you see that traditional job search methods such as want ads and employment agencies will not help you find hidden jobs .

what con you do  do about it ?  You can

1. Identify the jobs, positions and companies you want

2. Prepare an effective resume

3.  Carry with you a JIST CARD

When searching for a job opportunity in Canada  check out, it is Canada’s best Job-Opening Research publishing business for foreign workers, students and recent grads. Register now



The best and newest employment opportunities in Canada

The current economic crisis has forced many people to find new employment opportunities. Although the number of workers unemployed and looking for a new job versus the number of jobs available is disproportionate, there are employment opportunities available. The key is how to find the employment opportunities and market yourself as the best candidate for the job. Keep up with trends, subscribe to our content and you will find new employment opportunities. 

Hineni Media Industry Resource

Where in Canada to find  jobs ? with our  published listings not only will you gain perspective and begin to think strategically, but you will be placing yourself in the best position to take full advantage of career opportunities you can even to dream about.

Searching by occupation or by industry.
Searching by occupation allows you to se which industries will have the most growth in number of jobs in more than 300 occupations. Ssearching by industry allows you to see which occupations in 240 different industries will grow faster or have the largest increase in jobs in Canada.  This list provides groups of jobs organized into 16 categories areas. For now , just check the interest areas of jobs that sound most interesting to you.
1.Agriculture and Natural resources
2.Architecture and Construction
3.Arts and Communications
4.Business and Administration
5.Education and Training
6.Finance and Insurance
7.Goverment and Public Administration
8.Health Science
9.Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation
10.Human Service
11. Information Tecnology
12. Law and Public Safety
13. Manufacturing
14. Retail and Wholesale Sales and Services
15. Scientific Research, Engineering and Mathematics
16. Transportation, Distribution and Logistics
Details on the 16 interest areas and the many jobs available within them at

Como obtener la acreditacion de Medico en Canada

La  Profesion Medica en Canada
Según nos informó Jennifer Shaw del Programa de Grados Médicos de la Universidad de Toronto, todos los graduados de escuelas médicas fuera de Cánada y los Estados Unidos deben completar el Programa de Grado Médico Internacional de Ontario,(Ontario International Medical Graduate Program, IMG) para poder ser elegibles para entrenamiento en residencia y licencia en la Provincia de Ontario.
Existen 50 posiciones disponibles en dicho IMG anualmente. Los aplicantes deben ser ciudadanos canadienses o residentes permanentes de Canadá, y que hayan residido en Ontario por un mínimo de doce meses antes del comienzo del programa. Además, se les requiere pasar el Examen de Evaluación del Consejo Médico de Canadá, así como las pruebas TOEFL y TSE para evaluar su proficiencia en inglés.
Se hace saber, además, que el programa arriba mencionado (IMG), está ahora dirigido a las especialidades donde más se necesiten profesionales. Cada año, el Ministerio de Salud de Ontario decidirá para cuáles residencias será permitido aplicar en los IMGs.
Generalmente siempre se han seleccionado os siguientes programas:
Medicina Familiar
Medicina General Interna
Cirugía General
Cirugía Ortopédica
Obstetricia y Ginecología
Radiología Diagnóstica
Medicina de Laboratorio
Cualquier otra especialidad NO será disponible a través de este programa.

How to uncover additional Job Sources in Canada

How to uncovers  additional job sources in Canada


While classified help wanted ads are a good source for job leads, some companies choose not to advertise all of their open positions.  Our5  directory’s Job listing, Highlights, and Affiliation features can help you identify and target additional employers.

Company listings – Some employers bypass help wanted ads and employment sites in favor of their own job website listings and pricey recruiters. Our listings can help you identify those employers with an immediate need for your skills. The company listing contains large and small  company jobs positions as available. Company job positions listed in our database are available for you to call  and email and should be used as additional sources for current job openings.

Affiliations Companies may seem obscure and unattractive as resume targets because they are unfamiliar to you. But many small companies are associated with larger, more familiar companies. Affiliation identifies some of these connections.

Additionally, the listing contains a special section covering other professional and trade associations, temporary employment agencies and more, making this one of the most complete employment industry database available


Trabajar en Canada

Trabajar en Canadá

El conseguir trabajo en Canadá de una forma más o menos permanente es algo complejo puesto que nos encontramos ante uno de los mercados más competitivos que existen y de los países con un mayor control sobre la emigración.

 Uno de los requisitos que han de cumplir aquellos que desean trabajar permanentemente es aplicar como residente para lo cual seria muy aconsejable tner o adquirir el dominio de una de las dos lenguas oficiales de Canada: que son el inglés y el francés. Si nos disponemoso interesa a trabajar de manera temporal, entonces bastará solo con un permiso de trabajo. Para optar a él, es necesario que contemos con una oferta de empleo en Canadá.

  Para buscar ofertas de trabajo permanente, recomendamos visitar nuestra sección de  publicaciones de empleo.

 Sin embargo, si lo que buscamos es un trabajo de verano (un seasonal job), el proceso es más sencillo.  Hay varias formas de conseguir, una es trabajar como caregiver, el equivalente a las au pairs en Europa. El programa para caregivers del gobierno canadiense permite a muchos jóvenes, sobre todo  para mujeres jovenes y solteras,  pues pueden conocer el país e incluso tener la opción más tarde de establecerse en Canadá.  Chequea este enlace para obtener información de primera y más amplia sobre  contactos con asociaciones.

La segunda forma seria consiguiendo trabajo en el sector hotelero y en el de parques de atracciones es otra opción. En nuestra sección sobre Trabajos estacionales (seasonals) y portal de empleo de verano se puede encontrar  variadas ofertas sobre todo tipo de seasonal work. No debemos olvidar que, además, existen agencias especializadas en gestionar trabajos de este tipo,sobre todo durante el verano que pueden ajustarse a lo que estamos buscando las cuales estan publicadas en nuestro sitio por subscripcion prácticas y cursos de idiomasen nuestra escuela recomendada lo cual le ayudará a hacer de tu estancia en Toronto una experiencia inolvidable 

Para mas  informacion




Ofertas de Empleo en Canadá

Le gustaría trabajar en Canadá? Vancouver Canadá será la sede de los próximos juegos Olímpicos de Invierno 2010, por lo cual cientos de empresas están requiriendo trabajadores para diferentes puestos.Entrevista para pre-calificar postulantes, se procesaran todas las solicitudes recibidas y se dará rápida respuesta. Algunos de los puestos vacantes son: 

27 May 2009 Dog Groomer
Busy Grooming Salon located on Vancouver Island BC. Looking for an experienced groomer to…
27 May 2009 NOC/IN Engineer
Please contact through email NOC functional areas based on the enhance Telecommunications Operations Map (eTOM) and…
27 May 2009 Front Desk
Check-in & check-out, stay invoicing, process reservations (individuals & groups), process phone calls, register arriving…
27 May 2009 Waiter / Waitress
Waiter or Waitress Working with kitchen staff to ensure timey food delivery Using our POS system knowledge of…
27 May 2009 Cook
Cooking in an italian restaurant Prep work working with waiters/waitresses for timely delivery of food…
26 May 2009 Senior ASP.NET Project Manager/ Developer
We are looking for a senior ASP.NET developer with strong project management skills to join…
26 May 2009 Sales Associate Job/Art Coordinator
We are seeking a dependable and reliable person to assist customers and handle cash….
26 May 2009 Implentation Consultant
Implementers DataGlider is seeking additional experienced implementation consultants to perform implementations, of DataGlider’s Clinical portal technology…
26 May 2009 Assistant Dairy Herdsperson
Assistant Dairy Herdsperson needed for Dairy farm close to Regina, Sask. Person must enjoy…
26 May 2009 Condition Monitoring Specialist
We supply solutions for problem equipment in the following industries: – mining and cement -…
26 May 2009 French speaking couple to run a campground
Do you like the outdoors? This is a campground job. You don’t have to be…
26 May 2009 Java Architect Job/Developer
xpert Java Developers We use java as the underlying development environment. We are currently looking for…
26 May 2009 Beauty Artist
Benefit Cosmetics is looking for spectacular sales people with personality, energy and enthusiasm that love…
26 may 2009 Patent Agent/Patent Lawyer
This is a rare opportunity to be become an integral member of a team which…
26 may 2009 3D Artist/Jr Industrial Designer/Patent Drawing Illustrator
Research and Development Company which is one of its kind, located in a pleasant, low…
26 may 2009 Administrative Assistant
Research and Development Company which is one of its kind, located in a pleasant, low…
26 may 2009 IT Jobs/SAP/.NET/J2EE/Business Analyst
IT professionals wanted for immediate appointment the following jobs. * Quality Assurance * J2EE * .NET * SAP…
25 may 2009 Summer Work/Assistant on geological expedition
The assistant to geological exped Summer Work on geological expedition by the technical assistant. Work will be…
25 may 2009 Subcontracted Personal Trainer
Due to company growth we are looking for Professional Fitness Trainers to join our team….
25 may 2009 Marketer
I am currently looking for hard-working, dedicated, and driven high school students looking to work…
25 may 2009 Painter
I am currently looking for hard-working, dedicated, and driven University students looking to work in…
25 may 2009 Baker Jobs/Artistic Bread Making
We are currently seeking approximately 5 bakers (bread, by hand, artistic)for our Halles d’Anjou location….
25 may 2009 Pastry Cook’s/Helper’s
We are currently seeking approximately 5 pastry chefs (helpers) for our location in Montreal….
25 may 2009 Sales Associate’s
Title: Sales associate (Pools and Hot Tub Showroom) Terms of Employment: Temporary, Full Time, Weekends,…
25 may 2009 Receptionist
Bilingual part-time receptionist required for busy multi-disciplinary complementary health clinic….
25 may 2009 Student Painter’s
Looking for enthusiastic painters who don’t necessarily have experience yet are willing to learn and…
25 may 2009 Bookkeeper Quickbooks
Require bookkeeper w/ Quickbooks experience. Part-time/Contract – bi-weekly or monthly to do expense entries. Please supply Resume,…
25 may 2009 Sales Representative/Wine, spirits, beer
Selling wine, spirits and beer to Ontario, Canada liquor stores and restaurants. Representing wine…
25 may 2009 Demonstrator/Wine, spirits, beer
Promotion of wine, spirits and beer in Ontario, Canada liquor stores, and at trade shows….

 *No se requiere ingles para todas las vacantes. *Nuevas vacantes todos los dias. * Nuestro especialistas tramitan la Visa de Trabajo. INTERESADOS SOLICITAR MAYOR INFORMACION @