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Seasonal Work Visa for Foreign Workers

Most students and foreign workers in Canada tend to work while studying to earn some pocket money and/or just for the experience. A popular source of job opportunities for students  and foreign workers during summer and at other times during the year is temping. Temp jobs are a great way to get a taste for the work environment in Canada and also give you the flexibility to pursue other interests during your time in Canada. Some of the key temping agencies to get in touch with are as listed below along with link to subscribe to  the  Canadian Co-op Work Placement & Internship Participating Employers’s Directory.

Summer jobs and vacancies in bars, hotels, restaurant, catering
Cafes, bars, restaurants are always looking for extra help especially in the busy summer months. Some places to check out are as below.

Vendors, sandwich shops, small shops
Waiting staff in bars and restaurants
Cleaning staff
Admin staff

You can check
Au Pair
You can find more information in our Au Pair article.
Temporary Work and Student employment

Work Permit

It is possible to work in Canada while you are there as a student without HRSDC certification, and there are opportunities for jobs on and off campus. Please see the following website for more information: Studying in Canada: Work permits for students.

Working holiday visa

Visa requirements are crucial to your trip planning.
This section is intended for reference only. We strongly recommend that you contact the embassy directly for the most up to date info..

The Working Holiday Scheme is an ideal way to explore and experience life in Canada while engaging in temporary employment (maximum of one year). Jobs can be found in all sectors, including industry, commerce, science and technology, tourism, agriculture and horticulture. A work permit is not necessary, once you have obtained the visa for this program.

Working Holiday visas in Canada are only available for citizens of Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand. The intention behind the scheme is to allow young (age 18-30) Australians, netherlanders and New Zealanders to visit Canada  for up to 12 months and to permit them to supplement their income by working during their holiday.

To ensure that the holidaymakers do not become destitute and a burden to Canadian government, would-be working holidaymakers need to show that they have at least CAD $2,000 to bring with them to support themselves, if they already have a return air ticket or they should provide evidence of funds exceeding CAD$5,000 if they only have a one-way air ticket. Furthermore, WHV candidates are expected to have a compete medical insurance coverage during their working holiday.

Canadian working holiday visa applications are generally straightforward and can be downloaded from the websites of the Royal Embassies in Neatherland, New Zealand and Australia. Applications should be a made a few months before departure and are accepted throughout the year.



Each rejection from potential employers has been accompanied by the same suggestions:

  • Get Canadian experience
  • Get a Canadian  field degree
  • Get a Canadian equivalency license

Each of these options poses its own set of challenges.

To get Canadian experience: Find a job or Volunteer.
To get   Canadian  field degree: go back to school or get foreign credential recognition.
To get a Canadian equivalency license: you need to  contact organizations designed to help immigrants get recognition andjobs in your specific field. If your field is medicine for instance look into one targeted at  it such health*

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