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How to search for jobs in Canada

The best sites to find job listings including job banks, job search engine sites, niche job sites, are jobs and positions listed by type (field) of job seeker and location.

As a local or international job seeker you need to know which Canadian companies are hiring. Many companies don’t pay a hefty fee for a single job posting on a bulletin board. They don’t advertise single positions or their contracts. They get their work through the business open bid process and network. So when the job market is tough, it’s really important to effectively manage your job search – and your career. It’s not just a question of creating your resume, writing a quick cover letter, and applying for jobs. You may approach the companies in your own way. We recommend you identify 10-12 prospect companies from your list, noting what they do best and what you do best, and contact them to make the right fit. No matter how you deliver your resume, you still need to make personal contact and talk to a person to get hired.

You need to know what resumes work in Canada . Below we list some Job Search Management Tools to help manage and organize your job search once your are subscribe or your start your own search.

JibberJobber provides an easy way to keep track of all of the information that you collect during a job search. You can track where you have sent your resumes, the jobs you apply for, and log the status of each job as you proceed through the hiring process. In addition, you can track your personal networking contacts and keep a log of how they have helped you, as well as connect with them on LinkedIn. is a free job search management tool. You can record your applications, resumes and cover letter templates, and track the job applications you have sent, how far have they have advanced in the hiring process, and what the next steps in your job search will be.

 Google Tools Google is built on the idea that email can be more intuitive, efficient, and useful. And maybe even fun. You can upload documents directly from your computer (browse to select the file, then click to upload) or create a new document right on the web site. You can edit your documents (which is perfect for cover letter writing) and export them as Word, OpenOffice, PDF, RTF, or HTML files.