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How to apply in Canada as an independent professional immigrant

Who can apply as an independent professinal immigrant?  

Anyone in the world outside Canada can apply for permanent residence as an independent applicant. If you are a visitor in Canada and decide that you want to live in Canada, you will be required to apply for permanent residence from abroad or your country of origin.  

What are the advantages of going to Canada as an independent immigrant?   

As soon as you arrive in Canada, you are given the status of a permanent resident. You can live, study and work in Canada permanently. You will also enjoy the benefits from all social programs available to any Canadian citizen. You can work with any employer or get any job. 

After 3 years of permanently residing in Canada, you can now apply to become a Canadian Citizen!  Note that Canada also allows dual citizenship and does not require their citizens to renounce their other citizenships. So when you become a Canadian citizen, you can still maintain the other citizenships that you got from other countries.

 What is the difference between Canadian Permanent Visa and a USA Immigration H1B Visa?

The US immigration system selects skilled workers with a right to work in the United States. But, the US immigration system does not easily approve permanent residency status. Many of these skilled workers on an H1B status can be sent back to their home country if their Green Card is not approved before the 6-year limit on H1s expires. Then after obtaining your green card, you may have to wait  for years before you can get the  US citizenship. 
under the the Canadian Skilled Class Immigration system, skilled workers once approved,  you are automatically given the permanent residency status. This entitles you to change employers, relocate, and sponsor family members to emigrate which is not available under the US H1B visa. Even if you lose your job, you can still remain in Canada and enjoy most of the rights and privileges accorded to a Canadian citizen.
Advantages for professional immigrants in Canada

Work years and academic capacities are not forgotten in Canada. This is mainly because Canada does not only need people for manufactured jobs, but it is also looking for people that are trained in different knowledge areas.
 I am a professional. What does Canada has to offer me? Advantages for professional immigrants.

The Canadian federal government has performed some projections, which imply that in a period of time, of less than 15 years, there will be a really high professional demand in their national territory, and this deficit will not be covered by Canadians by themselves.

This is why, knowing this situation, there are better opportunities to access a permanent residency visa, for those appliers that already have a profession; and specially, for those professions that are considered a priority by the Canadian federal government, or by it high demand on Canada’s work market.

 Some areas that are considered as a priority are health, informatics technology, and teaching. Because, the category that the immigrant will receive for working in any of those areas, is the independent immigrant rank.

The programs Skilled Worker Immigration, is a special program for professional workers that are looking for the permanent residency. Among other requirements to reach the minimum score you need in their evaluation system, you have to accomplish the following items:

– English or French domain (both official languages in Canada), accreditation of the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) certificate for English and the TEF (Test d’Evaluation de Francais) for French.
– Ages between 21 and 49 years old.
– Educational level: certification of higher education
– Previous work experience (at least one year of experience)
– Show quick adaptation to new environments capacity (conjugal situation, the existence of a work offer in Canada)
– Existence of working precedents in Canada (if the applier has obtained a previous temporary work permission)

It is also valid to write down that the applier must show that he can improve in some way the Canadian economy. There are some demands regarding the fulfillment of some health conditions and criminal records (not having any criminal record at all).

The main objective of this program is to attract people that are prepared in knowledge areas, which are required due to the Canadian work situation. The Skilled Worker Immigration program, offers as a main advantage the possibility of making and individual or familiar (parents and sons) immigration.

On the other hand, in 2006, the law of Fair Access for Regulated Professions was approved, which forces different institutions to perform fair evaluation processes, regarding the grades of professionals that were educated in other nations, and whose professions are regulated in Canada (Engineering, Medicine, etc.). This law also authorized the creation of an Assistance Center, for those immigrants that are having difficulties in the process of revalidation of their professional credentials.

In some governments of the Canadian provinces, such as Ontario’s government, there are special programs such as Internship for the Internationally Trained. This program was designed to help foreign professionals in their integration into the local labor force. It consists in giving away training platforms, which last for 6 months; they require a minimum of 3 years of previous work experience.

Summing up, the chances of accessing a labor platform, take time and it depend exclusively in the professional conditions that you have achieved until now. The best possible advice would be for you to gather up pertinent information regarding the work market of the Canadian city you wish to move to.

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