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Resources to find contracting work with Canadian companies

 If you’re looking for work in Canada, make sure you have the right skills. We’ll tell you which skills are in the greatest demand and show you where on our content site you can find information about local and provincial consulting work.

It wasn’t long ago that few countries had enough skilled IT workers, but no more. Just like Canadians, many citizens of both developed and undeveloped countries now view IT as their ticket to financial success.

But which skills are most in demand, and where can you find resources to help you locate work overseas? We’ll take a look in this article.

 Who’s in demand?

Contractors face stringent requirements for obtaining legal permission to work overseas. Like Canada, most countries issue work visas only to foreigners who possess skills in short supply in that country.

Generally, either you or your potential employer (or both) must demonstrate that you provide a skill not currently available in the local population or, for the US, or European Union countries, within the EU.

Fortunately, IT skills are in demand everywhere.

What it takes

According to, the following IT development skills are in top demand right now:

Java combined with C++
Perl/CGI Script/JavaScript/VBScript
Oracle Financials
Oracle Developer/Designer 2000
SQL Server
Visual Basic/Visual C++
PeopleSoft applications
All CRM packages, especially Siebel and Oracle CRM
Systems administration skills include Windows NT and UNIX, while Axe 10, DMS, and SMA/SDH/SL are the hot telecom skills. If you possess these skills, you’re more likely to find a foreign company willing to go to bat for your work permit.

Web resources for finding work in Canada

Despite the obstacles you might face in securing a contract with a Canadian company, you may be able to land a contract if you’re willing to put in some research and be patient.  Sbuscribe to  our listing we publish several companies contact info and Web sites where you can find leads on contract work in Canada and additional information: