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What do I need to move to Canada? –

What do I need to move to Canada? –

You would have to apply for a job here and once you get accepted, your employer would file your work visa. If that gets approved, you would have to go for an interview and all the local embassy. Then once you are all set and come Canada… You would ask your employer to file for your residency card… That it’ ll make you permanent over there. Then after 3 years of permanent residency, and 4 of residency you’ ll get the citizenship… There are other ways too, such as getting married to a citizen or permanent resident.

your visa will mainly depend on your current desires and needs. As for work, I would recommend a job before you go to the states. There are many companies willing to sponsor you for employment. That will of course vary on your credentials.
There are additonal varying circumstances that may or may not aid you in obtaining the proper visa:

1. Heritage
2. Fiance/marriage
3. a company wiling to sponsor your stay in Canada

The process to move, live, and work in Canada is long , but it is not too difficult provided you are honest and thorough. Many people will recommend it, but it is not necessary to get the added expense an immigration attorney or use a visa issuing service, though they necesary to deal properly and accurately with the bulk of read tape or burocracy that gets in the way. Sometimes it can take a little while with all the red tape to get cut through.The visa laws are constantly changing, so make sure you keep yourself informed.

It would be nice to begin looking around now at various areas of Canada and see what the cost of living is and to what average wages are being paid. That way you will be able to live off of what ever you make. Then you would begin just looking around at jobs that you would like to do and look in the locations where you want to live.  Maybe contact the Canadian Embassy in your nation and have them get you some info on moving to Canada and how to go about doing it. You should start now.

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