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Who in Canada can provide a job offer letter?

 People tend to concentrate on job interviews, but handling a job offer well can be just as important. Who  can provide you with a job offer letter? Are you up for the challange?

  • Bank of Montreal
  • Scotiabank
  • CIBC
  • Goodmanns
  • Cosco Pharmacy
  • The Good Sheppard
  • City of Toronto
  • Canada Life
  • Canadian Medic Alert

This list above belongs to  some of the few willing to provide you with  a job offer letter if your job description  tells potential employers the exact requirements of the position. Even more useful is the process you use to develop the job description internally and the behavioral characteristics of your ideal position. Assemble a resume or portafolio who represent the best qualities of the skills, experience and credentials you currently hold for the position(s) you are applying.

Develop a job description that delineates an fulfill the key responsibilities and outputs of the position described. Then, define the behavioral characteristics of you as the ideal candidate. Finally, list your five – ten key responsibilities and characteristics you will use for the position.

Sound like a lot of effort? It is. But, you’ll have a much better idea about the characteristics of the ideal candidate Canadian employers want to attract to their companies when they are doing this planning via email or with a recruiting planning meeting firm.


Learn how to use the Internet to find and attract great companies. These are options you can currently consider.

Join Canada Industry Contacts, Association Memberships and Trade Groups for Recruiting Candidates.

Looking for the “right” associations to join? Check out this resource: Find Associations, People, and Businesses from the Canadian Society of Association Executives.

Use  Canadian Headhunters and Recruiters
Sometimes, it is worth your time to use headhunters, recruiters, and employment placement firms.

Recruiter’s Online Network.

Marisol Diaz
Settlement & Integration Resources Publisher
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