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How much money do I need to immigrate?

How much money do I need to immigrate?

To be become a Canadian Permanent Resident on a Skilled Worker Visa, you will need to prove that you have enough money to support yourself when you arrive in Canada.

If any of your family are applying to immigrate with you, you will need to prove that you have enough money to support yourself, your partner or spouse, and any dependant children. This amount of money is called your settlement funds.

Settlement funds are in addition to your visa application fee and Right of Permanent Residence fee.

If you already have a job set up in  anywhere else in Canada, you will not need to prove that you have any funds. CIC assumes that your employment income will be enough to cover the costs of settlement for you and your family in it.

Here is how much you need:

Number of people on your application Minimum Settlement Funds
1 person $10,168
2 people $12,659
3 people $15,563
4 people $18,895
5 people $21,431
6 people $24,170
7 people or more $26,910

How can I prove how much money I have?

CIC needs to see that your funds are unencumbered and readily transferable. This means that you need to be able to show that you can access the money easily and bring it to Canada without any problems.

Your settlement funds can be in the form of a gift from another person, but they cannot be borrowed. Your settlement funds must be your own to dispose of as you wish.

You must have your settlement funds in your possession when you land in Canada, or have them already transferred to Canada before you arrive.

Here is how you can prove your funds if they have already been transferred to Canada ahead of time:

Evidence of a savings balance, in the form of an official bank statement on bank letterhead, not printed from a bank website. OR
A current bank certification letter from the bank that holds your funds. OR
A fixed or timed deposit statement from your bank, on bank letterhead.

Carrying more than $10,000
When some people enter Canada for the first time, they choose to carry a large portion of their savings with them in person. This often includes:

securities in bearer form (such as stocks or bonds)
any negotiable instruments in bearer form (such as money orders or travelers cheques)
If you arrive in Canada with more than $10,000 CAD, you must tell a customs officer when you enter. You will also have to declare this amount of your landing card. Bringing over $10,000 into Canada without informing the authorities can be punished with a prison term.

If you transfer money to Canada ahead of time, your bank should ask you to fill out paperwork to declare that you are moving a large sum of money across the border.

How long does it take to process a Skilled Worker Visa application?

The processing time for a Skilled Worker Visa depends on which country you apply from.

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Consider working in Canada?

International careers are built step-by-step in order to build up your international credentials. International employers want to hire people with a high international I.Q. You need to assure your future international employers that you understand the cross-cultural work place, that you have the skills to navigate and be successful when working in places that are different from you home. here are some tips

  • Being proficient in English is the most important aspect for succeeding professionally in  North America either Canada or US.
  • A combination of career coaching and trial work experience can help you achieve a similar end or gain such international skills.
  • Take internationally focused courses.
  • Align yourself with professors who have international interest.
  • Land a professional international internship.
  • Get a Canadian visa or Canadian work authorization. Unless you are prepared to immigrate right away, it is hard for an individual to get a work visa in a specific province on their own. The one BIG exception to all the above is teaching French in Canada. Because as other parts of the World there are interested people trying to learn French, one of the official languages of Canada you can choose the province of your choice and find work on your own.
  • Stay attuned to Canadian cultural norms.

Coming to Canada for a month, a semester, a year, will change your life forever and broaden your professional and personal horizons.

Go forth and enjoy Canada and its people.

North America 2008 Hot Job List

The Top 10 Industries Offering Fast Growing Employment and Wage Opportunities

 College graduates beginning  their careers this spring will find the job market offering a range of unique and highly-rewarding employment opportunities, according to industry research firm IBISWorld, Inc. As one of the north America’s most respected independent publishers of business intelligence research reports, IBISWorld today announced its top 10 industry picks offering the fastest growing number of jobs and growth in wages.  

   We believe there are 10 stand-out industries that every graduate should investigate this year with VoIP on top of the list.”
    VoIP To Create Jobs In 2008
    The industry leading the way in terms of employment growth over the next few years will be Voice Over Internet Protocol providers (VoIP), according to IBISWorld, with average annualized jobs growth of around 19.4 percent through 2012.     “This is the result of significant revenue growth forecast for the same period, driving more organizations to enter the industry, which in turn will boost employment.  And as an emerging telecommunications service,” said Mr.Van Horn.  “There still is a reasonable way for the sector to go as it gains greater consumer and business acceptance.   The outlook is good as household broad-band penetration is still rising, facilitating greater use of digital services and helping improve the call quality of industry services.”

  Second on the 2008 hot jobs list is fashion design services.  According to IBISWorld, opportunities for independent designers are expanding in response to the globalization of the fashion industry, as well as technological avancements in the industry.     “The ongoing trend of outsourcing discrete segments, or even total design
contracts, to independent designers is boosting employment within what is typically a tough industry for jobs creation,” said Mr Van Horn.  He added, “Trailing the VoIP sector with employment growth predicted at 5.3 percent in 2008, the industry will still provide job growth far beyond many other segments despite difficult economic conditions.”      Third in line is bridge and tunnel construction with employment growth estimated at five percent in 2008, as a result of overall industry revenue climbing seven percent to $23 billion this year, and by an anticipated 8.7 percent next year.  As a result, industry employment will rise at least five percent in 2008 on the back of solid cyclical growth in the value of publicly funded bridge construction as the nation begins to repair and replace the countries aging infrastructure, not to mention new infrastructure to keep pace with traffic and rail demands around cities from coast-to-coast.
   Forth place will be for those seeking a stable career, in a potentially lucrative industry, should think about physical therapy, a career path which incorporates the fields of physical, occupational, and speech therapy.  Mr. Van Horn said Physical Therapy will drive job growth for years to come as aging Baby Boomers, as well as high school, college, and professional athletes often require extended periods of therapy to recover from painful injuries.
    “The Bureau of Labor Statistics claims jobs in these professions are set to increase at a much faster rate than the average for other occupations,” advised Mr Van Horn.  He added, “IBISWorld predicts that significant growth in
demand for these occupations estimated to be about 4.9 percent could well  result in labor shortages over the next five years, which may negatively impact the sector’s revenue growth by driving up wage costs.”
    IBISWorld 2008 Adds Interior Designer Positions To Its Hot Job List    “Employment in the interior design arena is growing with interior designers experiencing strong demand as American households and small businesses are driving a relatively new, but growing market,” said Mr Van Horn.   He added, “As a result, we see an annualized employment growth rate for this sector in the range of 4.5 percent now through 2012.  “Much of this growth will come from the hospitality sector, with designers being employed to remain competitive by redesigning and decorating hotels and restaurants.   This trend can best be seen in Niagara Falls or Las Vegas where the casinos and hotels are constantly expanding and reinventing their properties to keep visitors coming back year-after-year.  On the commercial side of the industry, corporate clients are seeking to rejuvenate their office spaces, retail stores, and
leisure facilities.  Growth will also come from those looking to complete construction using environmentally friendly materials and designers promoting these services will reap rewards.
    Other trends promoting growth in employment include the popularity of home offices, the move towards larger bathrooms incorporating luxury items such as saunas, exercise areas and media equipment, and technological advances such as home networking and other systems to support modern living.    Interior designs to accommodate an aging population will also be a source of growth for the industry with homes being built with stair lifts, elevators
and wider doorways — all using low maintenance materials.
    Growth in Retirement Communities To Create Jobs
    Looking ahead, IBISWorld also puts retirement communities near the top of the employment growth list for the years through 2013.  The major driver behind this growth will be our aging population hiking up demand for medical
services and assisted living or senior care facilities, including accommodation for the aged (particularly those aged 75 and older), and other health care services.   “Therefore, those whose employment involves caring for the elderly are unlikely to be out of a job over the next few years,” said Mr Van Horn.  “This segment will generate increased employment by 4.5 percent to service an ever increasing number of the aged, Canada and the U.S.’ fastest growing population segment.” Mr. Van Horn added, “Over the next four years the number of people over 75 is projected to grow by 4.7 percent, compared to 4.4 percent for the population overall.  At the same time, the average age of the elderly will  rise, adding nine million people to this age bracket, up 15.8 percent through the year 2012.
    Ambulance Services and Ambulatory Health Care Services
    “The ambulance services industry is employing greater volumes of staff to meet the increasing demand for their services driven by changes in the delivery of health care, an aging population, and people insisting upon a
heightened level of emergency response,” said Mr. Van Horn.   “The result will be employment growth in the range of four percent, he added.  “Other ambulatory health care services will also experience good employment growth of about 3.9 percent in 2008 and in the years ahead.” 

   IT Support, CRM and Business Process Services
    “While growth in the IT support, CRM, and the business process services sector will not attain the dizzy heights of the past decade, employment growth is still expected to remain solid at around four percent a year,” said, Mr Van
Horn.  “The outsourcing of jobs to Asia is a primary factor in the slower employment growth rate for this industry.”  He added, “The result will be  higher wages for local staff remaining in the industry as they were likely to be more highly-qualified and skilled.”
    Open-End Investment Funds
    Last in IBISWorld’s list of “top 10 industries for employment growth” is expansion in the number of open-end investment funds with a growth rate of 3.9 percent expected in 2008 following consistent returns over the past four
years.  This is a result of an increase in mutual funds, as well as additional enterprises within the field in recent years.  IBISWorld believes any growth in mutual funds will be driven by “alpha” type funds which attempt to
outperform traditional indices. 

   Fashion Design Services, Social Advocacy Organizations, And Laboratory
Testing Services   Other industries with wages growth likely to exceed five percent in coming years include: fashion design services (5.6 percent), social advocacy organizations (5.1 percent), and laboratory testing services (5 percent).
    Other Sectors Present Hot Opportunities
    As diverse as they are, jobs in search engines, racing and other spectator sports such as golf and boxing, together with lingerie, swimwear, uniform and bridal stores, round out IBISWorld’s wages growth top 10 — all with a
respectable 4.9 percent annualized growth rate.  Increasing professionalism in sports, and an expansion in TV and other media sports programming are fuelling  growth in wages as well, with rising player contracts driving up wages not just for the athletes themselves, but for every employee involved in the  broader industry.    For example, while positions for professional athletes are limited, individuals involved in promoting, managing and umpiring our talented sports stars are enjoying strong wages growth, particularly coaches, managers, and  sports marketers.


Skilled Migrants Vs Low skilled Migrants

It certainly will be difficult if you have no formal education with a degree, nor any experience. Read the sticky posts regarding work visas here, and maybe have a poke around .  That’ll give you an idea of what you’d need to qualify for a Work visa.

Given the economy here in Canada and  the US, its going to be more and more difficult for low skiled migrants  to get Work visa’s. We are guessing, regardless of qualifications. For every 1 migrant who wants to get an employer to sponsor them, there are thousands of Canadians  already here and willing to work for same job, no paperwork required.

And what makes you think you could immigrate illegally with no problems? Whoever tell you that is a (piece of cake). If you want to make a life for yourself here, doing it illegally is not the way to do it. How do you propose to support yourself if you can’t get a job? What do you do if you get caught and deported? OR tossed in jail? They can do that you know. There are lots of immigrants sitting in holding cells for years even, just because they’re here illegally. And they don’t notify your home country authorities anymore. They just lock you in there and forget about you.  whoever tell you that advice is bad advice . do it legally we are here to help.

Employment Based Visas (No Job Offer)

Which of the following statements best describes your situation?

I am a person of extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics
I am a person with exceptional ability in the arts, sciences, or business
I am a professional holding an advanced degree (beyond a baccalaureate degree), or a baccalaureate degree and at least five years experience in my profession
I am the owner or supervisory employee of a company that is carrying on or intends to carry on substantial trade in goods, services or technology between my home country and the United States
I would like to invest a substantial amount of capital in either a new business or in an existing business in Canada.
I am able to able to invest between U.S. $500,000 and $3,000,000 in a commercial enterprise in Canada which will creates at least 10 new full-time jobs for Canadian citizens or Canadian permanent residents
None of the above statements apply to me

Work in Canada

Canadá para trabajar temporalmente  


Trabajo temporal en Canadá
Canadá recibe aproximadamente 90,000 trabajadores temporales cada año. Como regla general, para trabajar en Canadá es necesario un permiso de trabajo, y el procedimiento para su obtención depende principalmente del trabajo que vas a desempeñar en Canadá.

Como nuestro cliente, lo único que necesitas es una oferta de trabajo de un empleador en Canadá. Esta oferta debe ser un contrato o carta del empleador que especifique el nombre de la empresa o persona que ofrece el empleo, los detalles del puesto (nombre, tareas, salario, y duración del empleo) y las habilidades que son requeridas para desempeñarlo.

Una vez que tengas la carta o contrato nosotros nos hacemos cargo de coordinar con tu empleador y el gobierno canadiense el procesamiento del permiso de trabajo.

El permiso de trabajo como camino corto a la residencia permanente
Los permisos de trabajo se otorgan mucho más rápido que las visas de residente permanente. Es posible conseguir una visa de trabajo en sólo algunos días o inclusive en el puerto de entrada al país. Un permiso de trabajo es, por definición, temporal. Sin embargo, manejado estratégicamente, se puede traducir en tu residencia permanente. Si tu meta es vivir en Canadá en el menor tiempo posible, ésta puede ser la opción para ti.

Siguiente paso
Te recomendamos primero determinar si eres candidato a residente permanente. El análisis de tu perfil nos permitirá determinar:
a) si puedes emigrar sin una oferta de empleo
si necesitas una oferta de empleo para emigrar ó
c) si únicamente podrás venir a Canadá a trabajar temporalmente

Si estás en los casos b y c te orientaremos respecto a la mejor forma de encontrar trabajo en Canadá, lo que nos ayudará a definir la estrategia para que al final obtengas la residencia permanente. Conoce hoy mismo tus posibilidades de emigrar. Evalúa tu perfil hoy mismo. Si estás ilegal en Estados Unidos haz clic aquí para evaluarte.

En Canadá hay mucho, mucho trabajo. Puedes visitar alguna de las páginas siguientes para darte una idea del mercado laboral en Canadá:

How to get a job in Canada

If your goal is to obtain a job offer with sponsorship for  work-visa, followed by permanent residency with a reputable company in your interested field, then here  are some career planning strategies that may help.

Canadian Employment Sponsorship now takes longer and a bit of paperwork., but each year Canada grants almost 90,000 work- visas.  According to  Canada immigration laws, international students with  visas are eligible to work full-time for one year after they graduate as part of their practical training. Upon completion of the practical training, international students must be sponsored by an employer to continue working in Canada.

 Employers must sponsor international students to obtain an work visa, which allows students to work in Canada for one to six additional years. International students planning to work fulltime after graduation in  Canada need to begin the job search process at least two semesters before graduation.

You will also need to become familiar with the Canadian job search process. The key to landing a job is diligence and developing an aggressive job search strategy to increase your chances of finding a good job in Canada. As it’s true that international students have some disadvantages when entering the job market.

Not mastering the official languages can be a serious obstacle. Social skills can also be a problem. A lack of relevant work experience while in school. These factors make it tough to compete in today’s job market. To increase your chances of finding a good job, consider the following advice.

• Improve your language skills. Hire a tutor or take an English or French course. Take advantage of a mock interview offered by the Career Center to develop effective interview and communication skills. Verbal and
written English or French  skills are essential to securing employment in Canada.

• Consider acquiring a major/specialization in demand that will increase chances of employment in  Canada.
According to Canada immigration , employment  petitions were approved in the following areas: Such fields include Systems Analysis and Programming (47.4%), Health (Medical)  and Electrical/Electronics Engineering (5.4%), College and University Education (4.1%), and Accountants and Related Finantial Occupations (3.7%)

 • Network at job fairs and recruiting events. Talk with a career counselor, faculty and friends. Develop networks and resources through local ethnic communities, nationality clubs, and classmates, business owners from your home country, your consulate, embassy, social organizations, advocacy groups, and professors from the same home country. Contact the alumni office to connect with alums from your homeland.

Join professional organizations and associations specific to the type of job you want or related to your field of interest. If you worked professionally in your homeland, network with the Canadian affiliate or a competitor of that organization. Search for global organizations desiring language skills, diversity, and knowledge of overseas economies. We offer an  available the Directory of Canadian business Operating in Foreign Countries. Networking is a great way to develop social skills.

Learn customary professional business and dining etiquette skills. Attend the Professional Etiquette Dinner hosted by the Career Center.

• If you are already in Canada check out the resources of a Career Center such as recruiting events, career fairs and employer information sessions held throughout the year. Meet with a career specialist. Participate in the Canadian Cultural Career Network Program.

• Sell yourself to the employer with an effective resume, cover letter and interviewing skills that
highlight what the employer is looking for. Make sure you know and emphasize your relevant strengths and skills in addition to your qualifications. Show how you can add value and benefit the organization. Develop marketable skills through part-time jobs, internships, graduate assistantships, student organizations and volunteer activities. Highlight those marketable skills on your resume and cover letter.

• Obtain an internship to gain experience in the field and a better understanding of your profession. Think about searching for companies from your homeland that have operations in Canada. Learn about Canadian companies where your peers have interviewed, interned or are working full-time. Consider an international internship. See the Study Abroad Coordinator in the Office of  International Studies and Programs. Meet with your departmental internship coordinator for opportunities. Check company websites. Check opportunities offered by other schools. Seek out companies that have a history of employment  sponsorship. Approximately 50% of interns receive a job offer from the sponsoring Canadian company after they complete an internship.

• Employment agencies provide permanent employment opportunities or staffing services offer temporary or contract placement as an option.

•  Some internet sites can be a valuable resource tool for job hunting. Consider local Canadian  jobs.

• Discussions about Employment  sponsorship should come later when the employer brings it up or when the applicant is offered employment. Uncover those companies that relate to your field of study and are of interest to you. It will be important to become very familiar with your industry, the companies within the industry, and positions available within those companies. Focus your job search on Canadian companies that prefer to hire international professionals. Search both small and large companies and compile a list of 50 Canadian  companies of interest. Studies have shown that about 80% of job openings are filled by employers without having a need to advertise their jobs. This is known as the “hidden job market.” Find a contact within the organization to
inquire and apply to jobs within the organization. The key is to have your resume with the hiring manager before a job is advertised.

Make appropriate follow-ups as needed to confirm your interest. These career planning strategies will help international students better prepare for the job search. After all, your priority is to obtain employment with sponsorship for  employment  followed by permanent residency with a reputable company in your interested field!

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