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You may think that having undergone the process of qualifying for emigration to Canada and having your skills assessed and approved, you are on the straight and narrow and Canada will welcome you with open arms. Migrant skills, your skills, are in demand, right? Well, yes, whilst that is true and that you have qualified to enter the country based on them, might be true but that  is not the case for you to find and walk straight into your dream job.

You see, whilst the skills that you possess have clearly been identified as being ‘in demand’, it does not necessarily follow that working for your employer with immediate effect can take place, especially at the income you might think you’ll be taking home in your wage packet. How ones job operates in the Asia,EU or the US is not necessarily indicative of how the same job can be carried out in Canada.


A retail or hospital pharmacist, a worthy example of a job skill in demand throughout Canada, who has a professional degree qualification obtained in the UK, has worked for a large number of years in the profession and who is a member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain, will not be able to commence work in Canada without undergoing a one-year work under supervision (pre-registration) period and completing extra curricular study leading to passes in both verbal and written examination leading to state licensing. Pay will be at pre-registration level.

An ambitious, time-served air-conditioning engineer who wants to set up work on his own cannot without the necessary licence and for this he or she needs to undergo a lengthy period of work under supervision.

These two examples, which can be applied to so many trades and professions in the provinces and territories, may make you feel you’re no nearer your goal in achieving your dream life in Canada, but it’s not all that bad. Really, it’s not.


English expat, Judy White, an Canadian resident of three years and colaborator of work in Canada recently highlighted to us the employment issues facing new migrants, both from the UK and other parts of the world. Your resume (C.V.) will, understandably, be written for your home country, not Canada. It sounds ludicrous to think that such an easy document to scrutinise and make a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ decision upon should be unfamiliar in a foreign country like Canada, but it’s a fact of life. It seems every migrant is required to spend much time re-shaping the style and content of their resume to appeal to Canadian employers, simply just to get a foot in the door and not be turned away in an instance. Consider also that a resume should appeal to the employer and subtle changes that emphasise certain aspects of your working background can reap reward.

Hineni Media can help you do this and, you’ll be pleased to hear, will seek out job opportunities local to the area you intend to emigrate to or are currently settled in, identify state, territory or national work licences you need to operate successfully and advise on how you go about getting such licences. The packages they offer fall into two categories.


For just $ 295 Hineni Media staff will provide:

A Professional Resume
Skills Marketing – One Month Subscription**
Identify State Requirements for your Vocation


A comprehensive programme, which goes above and beyond their employment services, is priced at just $395 and includes some really helpful solutions for new arrivals to Canada:

A Professional Resume
Skills Marketing – One Month Subscription**
Identify State Requirements for your Vocation
plus information in regard to:

Airport Pick Ups
Temporary Accommodation
Car Rent
Furniture Storage
Banks, Hospitals, Doctors, Dentists, Schools
Location of Major and Local Shopping Centres
Things to do (ideal for parents with children!)


No Visa? Try Sponsorship! Did you know that Canadian companies, in a variety of sectors, are now expanding their search internationally in order to source suitable candidates to fill their skills shortages?

Sponsorship is an ideal way for companies to get the right person for their business but it can be quite daunting if you are the candidate looking to approach these companies.

Our experienced team are in regular contact with businesses all over Canada that have expressed an interest in sponsorship.

As part of our Sponsorship Package we will make the initial introduction on your behalf, professionally promoting your skills, experience and qualifications in order to encourage sponsorship.

Cost $495. Includes:

Professional Resume
Company Introduction & Skills Promotion – One Month Subscription**
Visa Application Information

(** Skills Marketing service can be extended if required)

Job Occupations Canada is looking for

Specific Occuptions Listing

Canada is seeking applications from people in the following high demand occupations who are interested in working and living in Canada.

Please review the actual occupational descriptions as occupational titles may vary from country to country, and make note of the National Occupational Classification (NOC) number next to each title as it will be required for your application.

Management occupations

Computer and information systems managers (0213)

Business, finance and administration occupations

Financial auditors and accountants – CA (1111)

Natural and Applied sciences and related occupations

Civil engineers (2131)
Mechanical engineers (2132)
Electrical and electronics engineers (2133)
Chemical engineers (2134)
Petroleum engineer (2145)
Mechanical and engineering technologists and technicians (2232)
Inspectors in public and environmental health and occupational health and safety (2263)

Health care occupations

General practitioners and family physicians (3112)
Midwives (3232)
Licensed practical nurses (3233)
Nurse aides (3413)
Registered nurses R.P.N (3152)
Head nurses and supervisors (3151)
Medical laboratory technologists (3211)
Specialist physicians (3111)
Radiological technologist (3215)
Occupational therapists (3143)
Physiotherapist (3142)
Pharmacist (3131)

Occupations in social science and education

Early childhood educators and assistants (4214)
Social workers (4152)

Occupation in art and culture

Interior designers (5242)

Sales and service occupations

Butchers and meat cutters (6251)
Hairstylists and barbers (6271)

Trade, transport and equipment operators and related occupations

Electricians (7241)
Plumbers (7251)
Steam fitters, pipe fitters and sprinkler system installers (7252)
Gas fitters (7253)
Sheet metal workers (7261)
Boiler makers (7262)
Iron workers and structural metal (7264)
Welders – specialized welders (7265)
Carpenters (7271)
Brick layers (7281)
Concrete finishers (7282)
Roofers and shingles (7291)
Glaziers (7292)
Crane operators (7371)

Construction trades helpers and labourers (7611)
Painters and decorators (7294)
Long – haul tractor – trailer driver (7411)
Construction millwrights and industrial mechanics (7311)
Oil and solid fuel heating mechanics (7331)

Occupation in primary industry

Oil and gas well drilling workers and services operators (8412)
Oil and gas drilling, servicing and related labourers (8615)
Oil and Gas Well Drillers, Servicers, Testers and Related Workers (8232)
Supervisors, Oil and Gas Drilling and Service (8222)

Occupation unique to processing, manufacturing and utilities

Supervisors, petroleum, gas, chemical processing and utilities (9212)

IT Profession

Senior animation effect editors (9990.1)
Embedded system software designers (9990.2)
Misc. software designers (9990.3)
Multimedia software developers (9990.4)
Software developers-services (9990.5)
Software products developers (9990.6)
Telecommunication software designers (9990.7)
Computer network technicians (2281)
User support technicians (2282)

Any coments and questions don’t hesitate to check

Reprinted with permission from “How to find work in Canada” by Marisol Diaz © 2007. Available by subscription at