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Canadian Work Permit

Canada’s enviable standard of living, spectacular scenery, first class education system and abundant job opportunities make it an extremely popular choice for potential migrants. Combine that with its relative proximity to Europe compared with other migration hotspots, and it’s clear why so many people are looking to Canada to start a new life.

Canadian Work Permit Stages
The process for obtaining a Canadian Work Permit consists of 3 distinct stages;

  • Obtain a valid offer of employment from a Canadian Employer To find out if we can help you obtain an offer of employment based on your occupation, complete our Skilled Visa Assessment form.
  • The Canadian employer must then apply for an LMO (Labour Market Opinion). 
  • You or your boss then apply for the work permit through To  Immigration Canada.

Being in Canada on a work permit makes applying for permanent residency through the skilled migration route much faster and more simple. To see if you would qualify for a permanent residency visa, with or without an offer of employment, complete our Skilled Visa Assessment form.

 Take our online Skilled Visa Assessment to get started on your Canadian Work Permit application today!

LMO (Labour Market Opinion)
It is the employer’s responsibility to obtain the LMO on the employee’s behalf and one must be obtained before the foreign worker may apply for a work permit. The purpose of the LMO is so th social departament can verify that the job offered to a foreign national could not have been filled by a Canadian Citizen.

This usually means that, amongst other things, the employer has gone to reasonable efforts to advertise the position to Candians before offering the job to a foreign national. The processing time for a standard LMO is 3 to 4 months.

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