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How to find work in Winnipeg, Canada

In Manitoba it is each person’s responsibility to find a job. The way of looking for work may be quite different than in your home country. There are government and community agencies that will help you learn job search skills and help you find opportunities.

STEPS in your job search

  1. Job search skills: Your first step is to have a plan. By knowing where to go and what to do you will achieve your goal.
  2. Resumé, cover letter, application forms: These are your basic “tools” to tell employers the skills and experience that you can offer.
  3. Where to find jobs openings: Now that you’re ready you need to find an employer who’s ready to hire you. Get in touch with Canadian companies advertising employment opportunities.
  4. Job interview: Meeting your potential employer for the first time is the crucial moment. Work experience, language and culture all play a part in this one-on-one meeting.

Winnipeg is pretty accepting of new immigrants. You won’t be mistreated or anything. Also, if you are from certain European nations, you might have easier time. Winnipeg has a large population of Eastern European immigrants and people who are descended from Eastern Europeans, mostly Ukrainians and a significant number of Russians.

Also, keep in mind that Winnipeg is a blue-collar working-class and middle-class city. Don’t expect things like a lot of trendy nightclubs or five-star restaurants or things like that. There are a lot of good restaurants serving North American cuisine and various ethnic restaurants, but they are very causal places. The Employment outlook in all Canada will vary depending on your profession. Research type of business/position are you in.

The upsides to Winnipeg are that it is a pretty cheap city and pretty accepting of immigrants, it is certainly less expensive than most cities in European and it is cheaper than many cities in Canada and the US. Housing is pretty affordable. Today you can find someone  paying about $500 a month for pretty nice one bedroom apartment in an area within walking distance of a shopping center and was surrounded by a number of convenience stores and so on.


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Top 10 companies to work for in Canada

 Here according to the Financial Post (published Oct. 22, 2008) are the top 10 companies in Canada to work for.

How to identify the jobs you want

You can do this with three simple steps

1.Prepare an effective resume.

There are 3 main resume styles. Choose the one most effective in presenting your qualifications:

Chronological – Most traditional style and most preferred by employers
Best for those with an impressive work history in their field of interest
Effective for people staying within the same field or climbing the career ladder
Useful for new college graduates
Focuses on employment history and education
Experience and education are listed in reverse chronological order

Functional – Viewed skeptically by some employers preferring a more traditional approach
Best for those who have limited work experience in their field of interest
Appropriate for career changers or frequent job changers
Effective for people returning to the work force with employment gaps
Emphasizes skills developed through academic/volunteer/work experiences
Downplays unrelated work experience, stressing transferable job skills
Clusters one’s education, experience, and activities into skill categories

Combination – An increasingly popular choice, preferred over the functional format
Effective for people with widely varied experiences
Suitable when experiences are limited or not clearly related to job objective
Used by new college grads with relevant leadership/internship positions
Combines the elements of the chronological and functional resume types
Highlights marketable skills by summarizing strengths at the beginning
Places vital experiences in reverse chronology, after qualifications summary

2. Build or develop a Portafolio

You’d need one to show prospective employers how good you are and what you can do, so that they might hire you. A personal portfolio website is all about promoting you. You are a brand, and your name is a brand name. No one is going to know about your brand unless you get it out there.


3. Carry with you a JIST CARDA JIST Card is a combination of a RESUME and a BUSINESS CARD that fits onto a 3″ by 5″ card.


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Want a job in Canada? here is how

Best job search methods

One of two best job search methods is leads from people you know .The e second most effective one is by contacting an employer directly. you will be reading brieftly about the second method.

Direct Contact With Employers:

Some Job-Opening Research Publishing businessor matching services, such as Hineni Media Listing ends job seekers directly to the hiring company’s Web site, helping people avoid blind ads—ads in which the hiring company is unknown to the job seeker until late in the interview process. This further increases the likelihood that the job is real instead of a posting from a recruiting consultant who’s trolling for prospects.

We know the value of research. Hineni Media is something that is based on research. Hineni Media shows you all of the jobs on employer websites that you are not going to find elsewhere. Hineni Media is based on Mari’s lifelong passion for research, and is something that can make a huge difference in your life.

When searching for a job opportunity check out, it is Canada’s best Job-Openings Research publishing business for foreign workers, students and recent grads.

How to get a job with a Canadian company

 Call the hiring company directly. If you can’t connect by phone,  e-mailed questions about the position to the company’s human resources department to see if the job has real potential.
I would offer these words of caution and advice for any job seekers: First do your homework: Research potential employers as if you are investing in the company. Avoid blind ads, and concentrate on companies and job openings that match your needs and experience. Protect your information: Online resumes should not include your address, telephone number, or home e-mail address. Instead, set up new e-mail and voice mail accounts that can be cancelled if they become inundated. Study job boards: Although big sites on Internet sites may not be the best way to find a new position, job listings are a good place to jump-start your search and test the effectiveness of your resume. Set realistic goals: Job search sites are a good place to look, but set realistic goals. At worst, they will give you information about the types of jobs that are available. At best, you could land a great new position.

How job seekers find jobs in Canada: the “hidden’ job market

The “hidden’ job market  is made up of openings that become available but don’t get widely published,  but why the employers like the hidden market?

Most employers like to use it because they like to save time and money. Adverstise costs money.  He or the company also needs to save time on reading applications and setting up interviews. So how employers use it?

Employers mostly like to depend on recomendations. This can be done asking an insider employee which usually knows someone as a good and realiable worker for his/her boss or company departament. Thus you see that traditional job search methods such as want ads and employment agencies will not help you find hidden jobs .

what con you do  do about it ?  You can

1. Identify the jobs, positions and companies you want

2. Prepare an effective resume

3.  Carry with you a JIST CARD

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The best and newest employment opportunities in Canada

The current economic crisis has forced many people to find new employment opportunities. Although the number of workers unemployed and looking for a new job versus the number of jobs available is disproportionate, there are employment opportunities available. The key is how to find the employment opportunities and market yourself as the best candidate for the job. Keep up with trends, subscribe to our content and you will find new employment opportunities. 

Why Use listing directories in Seeking Employment?

While most job sites these days are free, Hineni Media charges a subscription. For that fee, you ‘ll get diverse employment sources , perspective and begin to think strategically and placing yourself in the best position to take full advantage of career opportunities you can even to dream about.

When you get the source by occupation or by industry give you certain advantages:  Knowing the occupation allows you to se which industries are and  will  be having the most growth in number of jobs in Canada , also knowingg by industry allows you to see which occupations in 240 different industries or more will grow faster or have the largest increase in jobs in Canada.

Your job search, whether it is an engineering job search, a physician job search, an attorney job search, an IT job search, an internal medicine job search, a doctor job search or just plain online job search is often demanding and frustrating. But not anymore…when you learn to do it the right way. It would all begin with finding the right job openings without difficulty. You will definitely not need job search software, you can be rest assured.

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Empleos sin work permit en Canada

Algunos puestos de empleo (temporales en Canadá no requieren un permiso de trabajo. Es posible que no necesite un permiso de trabajo si usted se cae en una de las siguientes categorías:

* Viajes de negocios
* Los representantes extranjeros
* Los miembros de la familia de los representantes extranjeros
* Personal militar
* Exteriores de los funcionarios públicos
* Los estudiantes que trabajan en el campus
* Los artistas intérpretes o ejecutantes
* Los atletas y entrenadores
* Noticias de los periodistas
* Pública oradores
* Convención organizadores
* Clero
* Los jueces y árbitros
* Los examinadores y evaluadores
* Testigos expertos o investigadores
* Salud de atención de los estudiantes
* La aviación civil inspectores
* Investigadores de accidentes o incidentes
* Miembros de la tripulación
* Los proveedores de servicios de emergencia

Viajes de negocios
Un visitante de negocios es alguien que viene a Canadá a participar en las actividades comerciales internacionales directamente sin entrar en el mercado laboral canadiense.

Viajes de negocios debe demostrar lo siguiente:

* Su principal fuente de pago fuera de Canadá y
* Su principal lugar de negocios está fuera de Canadá.

Importante: “persona de negocios” es una categoría diferente con diferentes necesidades.

Representantes extranjeros
Diplomáticos y representantes oficiales de otros países o de las Naciones Unidas y su personal pueden trabajar en Canadá sin un permiso de trabajo.

Los miembros de la familia de los representantes extranjeros
Acreditados los miembros de la familia de los agentes diplomáticos y aquellos cuyo estado es equivalente a un diplomático puede trabajar en Canadá sin un permiso de trabajo.

Estas personas deben tener la autorización por escrito de la Oficina de Protocolo de Relaciones Exteriores y Comercio Internacional de Canadá. La autorización es en forma de una nota cuando se trata de una embajada o alta comisión. Es en la forma de una carta cuando se trata de una organización internacional. Para obtener más información, consulte el Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores y Comercio Internacional de Canadá enlace en la sección Enlaces en la parte inferior de esta página.

Personal militar

Miembros de una fuerza armada de otro país pueden trabajar en Canadá sin un permiso de trabajo si tienen órdenes de movimiento que se indica que están entrando en Canadá bajo los términos de la Ley de Fuerzas Visitantes.

Oficiales de gobiernos extranjeros
Canadá tiene acuerdos de intercambio con algunos países para los funcionarios a trabajar en los demás departamentos gubernamentales. Los funcionarios del Gobierno que vienen a trabajar en Canadá no necesita un permiso de trabajo para trabajar en Canadá, pero tienen que presentar una carta formal de acuerdo si se va a trabajar aquí por más de tres meses.

Estudiantes que trabajan en el campus
Algunos estudiantes extranjeros pueden trabajar en Canadá sin un permiso de trabajo en el campus de la institución donde están estudiando.

Los artistas intérpretes o ejecutantes
Artistas extranjeros que vienen a Canadá para llevar a cabo, así como su personal de apoyo esencial-las personas que son parte integrante del rendimiento puede trabajar sin un permiso si están aquí sólo para la realización de un período de tiempo limitado y no se ejerza en un bar o un restaurante.

Si es para llevar a cabo en un bar o restaurante, los artistas intérpretes o ejecutantes y de su personal cada uno necesita un permiso de trabajo.

Usted puede obtener mas informacion subscrito at

Empresas que ofrecen trabajo en Canadá.

Dependiendo de la industria, tu puedes potencialmente obtener un empleo al contactar una compañía y solicitarlo directamente. A pesar de las noticias sobre la situacion glogal financiera las compañias siempre estan contratando.  La forma de encontrar un empleo en menor tiempo en Canada es obteniendo recomendacion de personas que ya conoces y haciendo contacto directo con los empleadores los cuales puedes encontrar en nuestra listings.

Una vez que localizes los empleadores que te interesan ya sea por telefono, email o personalmente. Puedes hacer una cita, dejar tu JIST CARD y resume (CV) con la recepcionista y pedirles que lo pase con la persona apropiada. Luego te encargas de tener la informacion de esa organizacion y el puesto para prepararte para una posible entrevista.

Es la conclusion para encontrar un empleo en menor tiempo