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Clergy Jobs in Canada

Clergy Jobs: Working temporarily in Canada: Jobs that do not require a work permit
You may not need a work permit if you fall into one of the following categories:

•Athletes and coaches
•Aviation accident or incident investigators
•Business visitors
•Civil aviation inspectors
•Convention organizers
•Crew members
•Emergency service providers
•Examiners and evaluators
•Expert witnesses or investigators
•Family members of foreign representatives
•Foreign government officers
•Foreign representatives
•Health-care students
•Judges, referees and similar officials
•Military personnel
•News reporters, film and media crews
•Performing artists
•Public speakers
•Students working on campus

Speaking of Clergy Jobs

Clergy jobs offers one of the widest varieties of occupational choices due to the fact that so many organizations and religious/spiritual groups employ members of the clergy in addition to numerous denominations that incorporate the clergy.
Members of the clergy are expected to uphold the beliefs and tenants of the religion they have chose and are additionally expected to live a moral and blameless life. This in and of itself can be very stressful.

The working hours for members of the clergy are seldom regular and many times include late night and weekend work as well as holidays. Most full time clergy find that they often work in excess of 60 hours per week preparing sermons and talking with members of their congregation.

The job duties of the clergy may also include:

•Family counseling
•Marital counseling
•Visiting the sick & elderly

It is important to recognize that some faiths have very strict restrictions regarding who may become a member of the clergy. Despite our modern age, many faiths still do not allow women to enter the clergy.

Employment Prospects for Clergy Jobs
There are numerous employment opportunities for members of the clergy; although some will face more competition than others. At the current time, the trend is toward large urban spiritual centers and it is anticipated that this will be the site for the most growth as well as the most competition. Besides various spiritual and worship centers, churches and temples individuals may find employment as members of the clergy with branches of the armed services serving as chaplains.
Seminaries and universities also employ members of the clergy to serve in both administrative and instructional capacities.  Each of the major and minor religions provide opportunity to enter the clergy; however some groups have significantly more opportunity than others. The Christian religion only has more than 70 different denominations! but there plenty of opportunities in  the Jewish, Buddhist and Muslim religions too .

Job Search for Clergy Jobs
Opportunities in the clergy field can be located in a number of different ways.

In some cases, a congregation or a committee representing the congregation will issue an open call for a pastor or clergy member. If an individual is attending seminary or some other university devoted to training for the clergy then they may check with senior professors to learn about opportunities.

Each religion, and denomination within that religion, generally has very specific entrance requirements for entering the field. The best advice for a person considering this as a clergy vocation  is to chat with a member of their own clergy regarding requirements.


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