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Helping Prospect and new Inmigrants find a Canadian Job

Finding a job during hard economic times is a challenge for anyone, but it can be especially difficult for prospect and new immigrants. What actions are you taking to help them in your job search? here are my tips

Find a Job

Do not forget that there are Employment Resource Centres nationwide in which a new legal immigrant  can be help to get a job, to get skill and training. Service Canada Centre, Suite 103-105 700 Lawrence Ave West North York, Ontario (a non-profit organization) sponsor by the Canadian Government is a famous one. I am a citizen whose job was  outsourced once and I used to go to this kind of centres. Lets do not forget something very important: learn English, there are high schools or community colleges in which the immigrant can learn English for free. Also in the Employment centres they help to improve the person’s English skills. As again, many high schools have night and adult classes that  help a new immigrants. And will repeat, English and French are the language in this country.Grab any opportunity to learn it. Watch the  Canadian (English) channels, TVO  is a great example. Nothing in this life  is difficult than can not be accomplished.

How immigrants find work in their chosen fields? our Canadian listing directory of useful job  contacts can help with:

Private-sector jobs
Public-sector (government) jobs
Temporary jobs
Union jobs
Entry-level jobs

How to approach to get employment-based sponsorship in Canada

How to approach the topic of work-visas in Canada with an employer

Foreign nationals who wish to stay in  or get a job in Canada permanently can be sponsored through an employer or on the merit of their own background. Each category for employment-based visas is subject to an annual quota.

Many employers are intimidated by the Canadian immigration process and are reluctant to sponsor work visas, or simply have a policy against it. The applicant’s first task in an interview is….

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