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Permiso para Estudios por más de 6 meses en Canadá

Los estudiantes que desean tomar cursos de más de 6 meses, necesitan un permiso de estudiante. Si sus estudios son por menos de 6 meses debe solicitar la visa de residencia temporal. Si por el contrario, su intención es inscribirse en un programa de estudios por menos de 6 meses y luego tiene planificado realizar otros estudios, debe solicitar un permiso de estudiante, de lo contrario deberá salir de Canadá para cambiar su estatus y así obtener un permiso de estudiante (por ejemplo las personas que desean tomar cursos de idiomas para así poder ingresar a un programa académico).

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Employment-Based Immigration Provides Avenue to Permanent Residency

For many outside Canada, employment holds the key to success inside Canadian borders. Although dissatisfied Canadians may complain about the current economic slowdown, what appears to lifelong Canadian citizens as a recession strikes many potential immigrants as rare economic opportunity. As a result, individuals from the world over compete for relatively few slots available for legal residency based on permanent employment in Canada.

In order to qualify for this employment-based immigration, foreign nationals must already be eligible for one of the existing methods of lawful residency under current Canadian Immigration Law. If that is the case, the employer must file a request with Canadian office of Labor before the process can proceed further. If the Department of Labor approves this request, the employer is then able to file an immigrant visa petition. Under this arrangement, the employer is, in effect, acting as the sponsor of the foreign national, vouching for his employment and suitability for Canadian residency

If things proceed smoothly, the foreign applicant will then receive an immigrant visa number (even if they are already in Canada on a temporary visa). Once this number becomes available and is assigned to the applicant, the only remaining step is to enter Canada (if she or he is outside) or apply to convert the immigrant visa into a permanent residency (if she or he’s already inside).

Typically, permanent residency based on employment requires that the applicant demonstrate extraordinary giftedness, achievement, or creativity. However, one program does exist to allow foreign medical and other professionals to enter Canada in order to set up practices in areas of Canada that are underserved by the existing medical infrastructure of North America in this case Canada.
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