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Canada Foreign Employees Handbook: A Guide to Success

A Guide to Success

Résumé/CV Examples: You will find a cross section of samples to give an idea of what works when seeking employment either permanent or temporary individually or with an agency.

The Immigration Control Act
Training and Certification by field
Credentials assesment and recognition
Information about Canadian starndards and job opportunities
How to pursue full certification
Where to get further educational training
Canadian Languages training
General Law
Labor Contracts
Working Hours
Labor Union
Industrial Injury
Health Insurance

Both Foreign Workers and their welcoming country might hold prejudices

The number of Foreign Trained Professionals working cross-border continues to increase despite the current global economic pressures on domestic employees. This can create great strain on both Foreign Workers and the local workforce. An example was construction workers taking part in wildcat strikes at power stations in Nottinghamshire and Kent (England). This incident illustrates one kind of prejudice, in the guise of economic resentment, an foreign employee may often experience.

Why cultural differences can spark confusion for Foreign Employees

Prejudice can also be found by Foreign Employees in many other areas such as spouse and children not being readily accepted in local communities and at schools. In the working environment female expatriates may encounter cultures where the attitude to women is very different from that with which they are familiar.

In general, being different in terms of ability to adapt to local culture and business customs can also result in the Foreign Employees and their family experiencing psychological disorientation. However, one should not underestimate the impact on the welcoming population. Economic resentment aside it is harder to open one’s arms to Foreign Employees who have not even tried to learn the local language.

How can employers and Foreign Employees get ready to meet a new culture?

So how do employers try to help their Foreign Employees with their self-orientation? Partly the employer needs to ensure they have a rigorous selection process that in addition to technical skill sets will also take into account relationship skills and an ability to adapt behaviour easily.

In addition, the employer need to be prepared to invest in international training such as cultural awareness that prepares employees for their new environment. This might include cross-cultural adaptability training for the Foreign Employees and their spouse and children, practicing non-verbal communication, being respectful to one another, being open minded and non-judgemental.

As part of this training strategy employers should also consider extending this type of training to local  employees who are expected to welcome the Foreign Employees. It works both ways or it does not work at all.

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