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Arranged Employment (II)

Arranged Employment in Canada is one way to fast-track your way into Canada as an immigrant. Under the Skilled Worker category, a person with Arranged Employment is given priority and can obtain up to 10 extra points.

You will need a genuine offer of permanent employment from a Canadian employer that is approved by Service Canada (SC). In this case the employer is making an offer to hire you on an indeterminate basis once the Canada Immigration visa is issued to you. You cannot come to live and work in Canada until then.

The procedure to get Arranged Employment is done by your employer who must submit the Arranged Employment request to SC. If approved, SC will forward the Arranged Employment Opinion (AEO) directly to the Visa Office processing your application. Policy requires the Visa Office to fast-track AEO applications and now under the new Federal Skilled Worker guidelines is one of the few options left that does not require you to have an occupation listed on the new occupation list. Note you must still have at least one year of work experience within the last ten years in occupations listed under Skill Type O, A or B.

Also the Arranged Employment option applies if you are already in Canada on a temporary work permit (depending on the type), and your current employer has made an offer to give you a permanent job if you are accepted as a Federal Skilled Worker then this will also give you priority processing as long as your temporary work permit is valid both when you apply for permanent residence and when the permanent resident visa is issued. Again, your occupation does not need to be one of those listed on the new occupation list but must still be a skilled job listed under Skill Type 0, A or B.

The advantages of a Arranged Employment Opinion or AEO are faster processing under the Federal Skilled Worker Class and the employer does not have to demonstrate that there are any Canadian citizens or permanent residents available to fill the position.

What is the best way to find arranged employment in Canada as a foreigner trying to inmigrate?

1. There is an expedited work visa for people already employed by companies with offices in Canada, should they wish to transfer within the company, to Canada.

2. Arranged Employment for Independent Skilled Workers or working without offices in Canada

Under this category , there are two general ways to obtain arranged employment points: working in Canada and securing an “indeterminate job offer.” Hineni Media Information services publish resources that can help you prepare your case under either option.

A) Indeterminate Job Offer

An “indeterminate job offer” is an offer from a Canadian firm which has been in existence for at least one year. This job offer must meet several requirements:

•It must be genuine, and not for the purpose of facilitating immigration.
•It must pay the market wages for the position.
•The job must be a skilled one, classified as either a “management” position or under skill level “A” or “B” under the National Occupational Classification code.
•The job is not part time or seasonal.
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B) Working in Canada

If you are already working in Canada, with a qualifying work permit, you may be credited points for arranged employment. For example, you may have obtained a work permit under NAFTA or your spouse’s study permit.

There are several consulting and placement agencies in  Canada as well as outside, which may assist you in finding a job in Canada.   Most of the agencies outside Canada and some in the U.S. charge a fee for their services.  Their fee is several times higher than the subscription fee that you pay to Hineni Information Services (  As a matter of fact, several of these agencies subscribe to Hineni Online Database of Canadian Employers for International Professionals, to help themselves and help their clients like yourself. 

Watch out for illegal operations which are under investigation for fraud and illegal representations.  Do some research on the internet and check their background before advancing any money. 

In our opinion, you can quickly find a job in  Canada on your own with the help Hineni Online Database of Canadian Employers for International Professionals.

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