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Interns and Co-op Job Opportunities in Canada

 Are the following making your look employable?: your resume? your letter-writing? your interviewing? your interpersonal skills? your handshake? Are you focusing with employers on what you have to offer them? (Or what you want for yourself?)

Canadian Interns and co-op job opportunities

Co-ops and Internships. Work-travel Students ready for a hands-on introduction to different fields and industries: click the link that’s right for you!

Co-ops are usually, but not always, multi-term; e.g. you might work fall semester, go to school in spring semester, work summer, go to school in fall, and work the next spring semester. Schedules vary depending on when you need to be in school and when the employer needs you to work.

Internships are usually, but not always, one term.
Internships are usually, but not always, in summer.

Internships can be either; depends on employers’ needs and the way each employer chooses to structure an intern program. Some internship programs are very formal and structured, while others offer more flexibility to negotiate terms. Co-ops are always full-time positions.

You will find the majority of internships offered in summer, but some employers offer internships year ’round, including fall semester or spring semester terms. Some employers (such as tax preparers or political campaigns) may have a busy season during the year when they employ interns — and therefore offer non-summer internships.

You can search for a job in a particular location, but you are advised to look at all opportunities. You should be aware of the job market for your skills and take that into consideration — some career fields offer more opportunity and you may be able to be more selective about location. Other career fields are more competitive and you may need to go where the employers have needs. Some employers may assist with relocation and living expenses.

Canadian Summer Programs and  Job Opportunities

Partial information on summer jobs 2011 opportunities will be available in April 2011.
Be aware that HM represents a segment of the job market. Employers who recruit through HM tend to represent business, engineering, technology, scientific and computer fields databases. Also use other job search methods

For a Sample of a Canadian Employer  Co-op position job : Click here


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