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How to approach to get employment-based sponsorship in Canada

How to approach the topic of work-visas in Canada with an employer

Foreign nationals who wish to stay in  or get a job in Canada permanently can be sponsored through an employer or on the merit of their own background. Each category for employment-based visas is subject to an annual quota.

Many employers are intimidated by the Canadian immigration process and are reluctant to sponsor work visas, or simply have a policy against it. The applicant’s first task in an interview is….

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Steps for finding a job in Canada

Steps for finding a job in Canada

The guide  about jobs Canada will help you in your job search efforts and provide you with a complete description of Provincial & Territorial Job markets , the steps you will need to take. It is a key tool to your job market integration. The section Work and job search proposes steps you can take to assess your professional situation in relation to the Canada job market. This will allow you to assess the degree to which your training and job experience match the job opportunities in Canada. In addition, this process will allow you to set realistic job objectives that will help ease your entry into the job market.

The following are part of the services we offer that are key steps you need to take to find a job in Canada:

  1. Prepare your employment file
  2. Write your curriculum vitae (CV); a professional Canada style CV.
  3. Have your studies completed outside Canada evaluated
  4. Create your network of contacts
  5. Acquire or perfect your knowledge of English or French.
  6. Get access to our job listings database
  7. The Exploratory travel guide
  8. Entrepreneurship Assistance

Prepare your employment file

To enter the job market, it is essential that you prepare an employment file of your work experience and skills. It is also important to demonstrate your initiative and organizational abilities, as well as your ability to work in a team. This requires putting together a comprehensive file of documents confirming your experience and qualifications.

This file must contain:

a curriculum vitæ presenting your skills and accomplishments
original or certified copies of:
– your diplomas, course transcripts, proof of studies and other educational certificates
– your certificates of continuing education, training internship or upgrading
– a description of the duration of the courses and internships you have completed
– permits to practise your profession or trade and certificates of occupational qualification
– proof of employment and work experience, job descriptions and letters of recommendation from previous employers .

Prepare a curriculum vitæ (CV); a Canada CV style.

If you already have a CV, you will probably need to adapt it so that it can be understood by individuals who generally are not familiar with the institutions or companies where you acquired your skills.

Obtaining a Comparative Evaluation for Studies Done Outside Canada
 is a document that indicates a correspondence to the Québec educational system and its main diplomas (or benchmarks) for studies completed outside Canada.

Create your network of contacts
Networking is one of the most effective methods for finding a job. You can start creating your network of contacts even before your departure by talking about your plans to settle in Canada with friends or acquaintances you already have in Canada.

Acquire or perfect your knowledge of English or French.

Before you can be admitted to a general, vocational or technical study program, the school board or college must ensure that the languages studies you completed outside Canada fulfil the minimum admission requirements of the program in question. Perfect or  upgrade your languages skills to meet the demands of a trade or profession .

Get access to our job listings database

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The Exploratory travel guide :

If you apply to immigrate as an entrepreneur, it is recommended that you make an exploratory trip to Canada. Although it is not compulsory, an exploratory trip will enable you, depending on the program component selected, to take charge of your business project and further develop the main components of your business plan. You will then be better equipped to defend your project during the selection interview. In fact, your project’s credibility and feasibility are factors that will influence your selection as an entrepreneur. We organize Canadian travel and tour packages , contact us!

Entrepreneurship Assistance

When applying for immigration to Canada, entrepreneur applicants must submit a business project that will be the key factor in the assessment of their application. This project is the first step towards implementing the business plan itself. Experience shows that the rigour demanded when developing your business plan will help you identify all the challenges facing your project. In general, the business plan contains all the information about your target clientele, competitors and suppliers. It includes a market study, a marketing strategy and budget forecasts.  Through our sister site we offer Small Business & Entrepreneurship business plan Consultancy.