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Internet Business Academy

Practical Training & Mentoring
HM Internet Business Academy is a practical training and mentoring program where we train people on the various ways so they can earn money on the Internet and at the same time mentor them till they earn money from the internet.
Set in a conducive atmosphere with each student’s  computer connected to the internet, the training is carried out by me and another seasoned professional who actually make money from the courses they teach. The training will be carried out with the aid of power point presentations, videos and practical step-by-step illustrations.
For those who are unable to come by to our office, to receive the practical training, you will soon have the option to be taught online through downloadable ebooks, step-by-step lessons, videos and real time video sessions and a forum
As a practical training, each student will be urged to try out what they have been taught and they will be guided by me or the other tutor.
It is our hope that within the first 3 months of  training each student should be able to make a living through the internet. Thats what the academy/ training course  is all about, though this is based on the effort of the students
Courses Taught At HM Internet Business Academy include:
In the near future we would add some more.
You can click on the blog to read free and useful contents in any of our courses. You can join to become a member by clicking on the membership page

Course Description & Costs

Course Description & Costs

Coaching details

Business Coaching

Did you know it costs 10 times more to find a new client than it does to sell to an existing client. 30 % of your clients will buy more of your products or services if you offer at point of sale…

With Business coaching – if you want massive differences in boosting sales and profits you need to focus on improving these key areas we can help:

Lead Generation, Social Media, Local Business Marketing, Lead Capture, Sales Conversions, Performance Coaching, Word Press Web Design, Repeat and  Referral Sales etc…

 Career Advice/ Career Coaching
We have a team of affiliate employment, job and career coaches who work with those unemployed, under employed, unhappily employed,  to help them identify and appreciate their skills and experience in order to proactively pursue a promotion or market themselves confidently for a new position.

Job Coaching

Job coaching can be provided to people on a short-term basis. But for long-term success, there needs to be an emphasis on natural support.

Employability Workshops

Job Search Workshop
 The job search workshop is a one-week comprehensive course where
participants learn proper job search techniques in Canada. A
supportive and multicultural learning environment is provided.
Topics covered are:
 •Cover Letter Writing
 •Resume Writing
 •Interview Skills
 •Hidden Job Market
 •Workplace Communication
 •Labour Market Information
 •Hard/Soft/Transferable Skills
 •Employment Standards
 •Effective Job Search Strategies

Complete Resume Services

Canada Employee Sponsored visas

Canadian Company Sponsorship

These work visas are designed for Canadian Companies  that are able to recruit highly skilled workers either from overseas or from people temporarily in Canada where an employer has been unable to fill their recruitment needs from the Canadian labour market or through their own training efforts. There are both temporary visa options and permanent visa options. Below is an outline of these visas:

Temporary Sponsorship Options
Canadian businesses that need to have their skilled positions filled but cannot find workers from within the Canadian labour force, can sponsor personnel from overseas on a temporary basis, to work in  Canada for up to 4 years.

The most common visa available under the temporary arrangements is:

Sponsorship by Canadian or overseas businesses
There are 3 steps in the application process to bring in temporary overseas staff:

Business sponsorship approval must be obtained by the business wishing to sponsor overseas workers. The business demonstrates that it is of good standing, shows the benefits of an overseas employee, and provides adequate training plans and expenditure. Employers are required to meet a number of undertakings in relation to the sponsored employee.   For instance  licensed  lawyers will personally meet with the  Canadian Employer and provide any documentation required for the process.   License Canadian lawyers  will compile and professionally submit the application by mail.  Oline applications would  only be safe within Canada , as this  method of application could provide quicker processing times.

The nomination must relate to an occupation that meets a minimum skills threshold covering managerial, professional, associate professional and trade occupations.  Check  for instance (BC PNP) . An occupation is selected and you need to meet the correct qualifications and work experience that pertains to that occupation. There are criteria applicable for the nomination and licensed lawyers will provide the information required to both the Canadian company and the nominee to ensure that a comprehensive application is submitted.

Visa Application
The overseas skilled employee that is nominated must apply for a visa to enter and remain in  Canada. The application will need to demonstrate that they have the skills and qualifications applicable to the nominated occupation. Other criterion needs to be met and licensed migration lawyers will provide the required information to the applicant and will professionally compile and submit the application by mail or in person  for priority processing.

How To Get A Canadian Working Holiday Visa

Running out of funds in the middle of one’s vacation is quite a stressful situation. Rather than enjoying your dream vacation, running low or out of funds could really be quite a fun killer.

So rather than experiencing the mere possibility of destroying your dream vacation mood, with a chance of running out of funds, why not spend your holiday in Canada while having the opportunity to supplement your vacation funds with short-term or part-time employment.

Yes, with an Canadian Working Holiday Visa, one can spend their holiday in Canada while having the option to supplement their vacation funds with short-term or part-time work.

How to Get an Canada Working Holiday Visa?

To avail of this  Canada Working Holiday Visa, you must meet the following requirements:

•be a passport holder from one of the following countries:


Hong Kong
Malta, Mexico
United Kingdom (UK)
Republic of Korea (South Korea)

•be aged between 18 and 30 years (inclusive) at the time of applying — this means that you can apply for this Canadian holiday visa until you are 30 years of age. Take note that your age will be determined as the age you are in Canada at the time your application is lodged .

•be applying no more than 12 months before you intend to travel to Canada
•not be accompanied by dependent children at any time during your stay in Canada
•must have access to sufficient funds to support yourself for the initial stage of your holiday. Generally, it is deem to be at least CD$5,000. You might be asked to provide evidence that may include a certified copy of a bank statement and an air ticket out of  Canada.
•must meet character and health requirements
•Extra requirements for the following passport holders:

•must have graduated from high school

•must either be a holder of tertiary qualifications or have completed/been approved to undertake a third year of undergraduate university study
•must provide documentary evidence of their English level upon lodgment of their  Canadian holiday visa working application
•must obtain a letter of approval from the Chile Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Indonesia, Malaysia

•must either be a holder of tertiary qualifications or have successfully completed at least two (2) years of undergraduate university study
•must provide documentary evidence of their English level upon lodgment of their Canadian holiday visa application
•must obtain a letter of approval from the Indonesian Directorate General of Immigration or the Malaysia Ministry of Foreign Affairs, respectively

•must be a degree or post high school diploma holder from an accredited institution;
•must provide documentary evidence of their English level upon lodgment of their Canada working holiday visa application
•must obtain a letter of approval from the Office of Welfare Promotion, Protection and Empowerment of Vulnerable Groups in Bangkok

•must either be a holder of tertiary qualifications or have successfully completed at least two (2) years of undergraduate university study;
•must provide documentary evidence of their English level upon lodgment of their Canada holiday working visa application
•must obtain a letter of approval/support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The selection process will be administered by your University in conjunction with the Turkish Higher Education Council (YÖK)
How to apply?

Upon meeting these eligibility requirements, you can now lodge your Canada working holiday visa application; however you must be outside Canada when you lodge your first Working Holiday visa application and for the visa to be granted.

To apply, you may lodge your visa applications online, by post or by courier from anywhere outside Canada.

For online applications, upon starting your online application, you will be required to answer a series of questions to determine whether or not you are eligible to continue.

Please note:

1. Due to administrative changes made, the Canadian Working Holiday Program has been re-named the International Experience Canada (IEC) initiative.

The policy of the International Experience Canada program is to discuss only with the candidate and not to discuss with a third party. Therefore, you can ONLY apply for the IEC initiative directly with the Canadian High Commission or Embassy Office within your country.

So what are you waiting for?
Canada’s breathing array of widely diverse scenic environment is just waiting for you to explore and enjoy!

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