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How to find a job in Canada

To find a job in Canada, you need to understand the work search process. There are four steps in this process:

Step 1: Identify the skills you have and the skills you may need to develop

  • Employers look for personal and transferable skills such as attitude, ability to get along well with other workers, dependability, problem-solving skills and organizational skills, as well as the technical skills required for specific types of work.
  • If you have professional or trade qualifications, find out if your credentials are recognized in Canada .
  • If you do not speak English fluently, arrange to take an English as a Second Language (ESL) class .

Step 2: Identify employers who may need someone who has skills like yours

  • Not all, but certain  job openings are advertised or listed atCanadian Employment and Immigration service sites.
  • As you go about your daily living, contact companies on the kind of work you want to find or if you are already in Canada  discuss your work search with counsellors at immigrant-serving agencies or people in your English as a Second Language class, as well as your relatives, friends and neighbours. If they do not know where you might find suitable work opportunities, ask them to refer you to others who might know.
  • Read about provincial ‘s industries and fields of employment .
  • Look in the Classified and Careers sections of local newspapers for job advertisements.

Step 3: Gather the information you will need to apply for work

  • Employers will expect you to fill in an application form or give them a prepared resumé. A resumé is a short, typed summary of your qualifications and work experience.

Step 4: Present your qualifications to employers

  • When you respond to a job advertisement, follow the instructions in the ad.
  • Employers usually invite only the most qualified applicants for an interview. During the interview, applicants are expected to provide more information about how their qualifications and experience relate to job requirements.

For more information and ready-made samples about completing application forms, preparing resumés and making a good impression in an interview register at.