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•Vancouver’s  seafood industry is one of the largest primary industries and remains a vital element in both the economic success of the province and the social fabric of many communities. Vancouver ‘s seadfood industry  is a year-round business, but the majority of the jobs in fishing and processing are available from May through September – ideal timing for summer job seekers. Working in the seafood industry means the potential for solid, short-term earnings and gaining the experience of a lifetime. Overtime and bonuses alone sometimes add up to more than most retail jobs pay.
•Vancouver’s  tourism is a mainstay for the Canadian economy and summertime is its pinnacle. For job seekers, opportunities abound on cruise ships, lodges, hotels, rail lines and national parks.
•Summer camps are the quintessential summertime employers. With thousands of day and sleep-over camps in the province, camping and lodging are great summer employment options for young people. Many camps also hire adults with professional training, including counselors, social workers and nurses for summer jobs.
•You can find more information about summer camp jobs at the Guide to Summer Camps  or visiting the province as a simply tourist. Check out some of the malls or go downtown and just start handing out resumes because theres a lot of shops that are related to nutrition, clothes, shoes, pharma or jewelry.
•Theme parks and water parks are the perfect place to spend your summer – and not just as a paying guest. Working at a summer attraction is fun, exciting and social. Theme parks employee people in a range of different positions – from ride operators and food servers to entertainers and managers. The bigger the park, the greater the opportunity, but even local amusement parks offer great employment options.
•Outdoor jobs are also in abundance in the summer and they are a great way for hardworking, adventurous young people to earn great money. The other plus of outdoor jobs is that many provide room and board, along with their higher-than-average salaries. Options include dude ranches, national and state parks, and logging mills. Whatever kind of job you want this summer, remember that the early bird catches the proverbial worm. Don’t leave your job search to the last minute. Start now so you can have you pick of summer job opportunities.