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Work in Canada:intra-company transfers

Canada allows for the transfer of certain employees (executives, senior managers and specialized knowledge workers) to the Canadian branch, subsidiary or affiliate of an international company, without the involvement of HRSDC.  In an intra-company transfer, a company transfers an employee to work temporarily in a different office, often in another country.

An Intra-Company Transfer work permit or procedure (ICT or ICP) is applicable for the transfer of key staff into a Canadian subsidiary company. Staff involved in an intra-company transfer must have been employed by their overseas company for at least one year prior to an intra-company transfer application being made. Furthermore the links with the overseas company must be evidenced and it is necessary to provide evidence that the Intra-Company Transfer assignee possesses the relevant company knowledge, experience and necessary qualifications in order for a transfer to the position to be fulfilled.
The details of your qualifications and of the nature of the job offer would determine the available avenues for employment authorization at the Canadian division of your company.

However, there are varying provisions which can allow you to transfer to a Canadian affiliate or subsidiary of your foreign employer. Although specific provisions for Intra-Company Transferees exists under NAFTA, GATS, and Significant Benefit to Canada, there are also additional provisions specific to your occupation which could prove to be preferable.

Each of the above provisions have differing individual requirements.


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