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Foreign Worker:How can employment agencies help me find a job in Canada

How can employment agencies help me find a job in Canada?

Employment agencies are sometimes known as temp agencies. They can be a great way to get a new career started in CanadaEmployment agencies are almost always private companies.

Their job is to find you a job!  Employment agencies seldom offer jobs within their own organization. Instead, they specialize in placing applicants in other companies.

There are many different kinds of employment agencies.

Some agencies specialize in particular sectors or industries. For example, there are specific employment agencies for people working in medicine. There are employment agencies that specialize in finding temporary work for their applicants (temp agencies,) and agencies that specialize in finding permanent positions. Some employment agencies are referred to as “headhunters.”

They usually specialize in finding high-level and executive jobs for suitable clients. How employment agencies can help.  Newcomers to Canada often arrive with no contacts and no network for job hunting. This can be a barrier to finding fulfilling work. Employment agencies can help you to find a job in your field, gain experience and contacts, and jump-start a career faster than by networking. Remember, it’s their job to find you a job!

What to watch for?  You should never pay money to an employment agency up front. Employment agencies make money by charging employers to fill vacant positions. They do not charge job applicants. There are some headhunting firms that require payment from applicants, but only after suitable jobs have been found and started for their applicants.

Always make sure that any employment agency you choose to get involved with can actually help you get a job in your field. While many agencies specialize in certain industries, there are just as many that fill general positions that may not be helpful in starting a new  career in Canada.

You can search a directory of employment agencies in Canada here  or simply look for a job directly  here.


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