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Canada government-sponsored French class

In all of Canada, except Quebec and a few very small pockets in New Brunswick and Manitoba, English is the language of the masses. There are elementary schools teaching entirely or partly in French all over Canada, some operated by orders of nuns and some seculars. You would find it quite difficult to find someone in Toronto who speaks French on a day to day basis.

You would have better luck finding someone to speak Mandarin/Cantonese, Punjabi, Spanish, Urdu etc, etc as Toronto is one of the world’s great multi-cultural cities. In  Montreal, Quebec, there are many free French classes. You could definitely learn how to speak daily French.

There are many different kinds of ESL programs and (FSL) programs in Ontario, check the  above links to get information.

What different kinds of ESL programs are available?

Where can I learn French?

Helpful Links:

Centre for Canadian Language Benchmarks
A nonprofit organization established to promote the coherence, effectiveness and consistency of adult English as a second language (ESL) and French as a second language (FSL) instruction across Canada.

Council of Second Language Programs in Canada
This Web site provides information about studying French or English in Canada. You will find links to various college and university ESL/FSL programs from across the country.

French Evening Course (10 weeks) at Ministry of Mission   Non Profit in Toronto