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Finding Quality Seasonal Work

If you’re looking for short-term work, you might want to explore the many seasonal jobs available to people in Canada. Though most may think of the seasonal job as a retail position during the winter holidays, there are actually many types of work that occur in different seasons and require a higher number of employees than usual.In canada most of  the seasonal job is tourism or agricultural based.

For instance, it’s pretty easy to find summer jobs at places like theme parks, on resorts,  hotels and restaurants with heavy summer tourist traffic in Vancouver or Montreal. Employing a higher number of people year round wouldn’t make sense, but having extra employees during peak season can help with the extra work required.

Canada offers visas to prospective citizens as well as temporary workers. Depending on your current status, Canada has a visa that applies to you. Skilled workers, temporary employees, live in caregivers, agricultural laborers and college graduates each have to apply for distinct visas. However, the application process is simplified by the Canadian government in an attempt to attract foreign workers. Processing visas is often completed within three days and ranges from $75 to $150 for the individual. Other opportunities that do not require visas can be arranged through work exchange program, but still involve authorization through Canadian agencies. These reciprocal programs help place foreign exchange students and teachers as well as workers filling co-op positions.

The Canadian government makes a point to advertise work opportunities to prospective foreign employees. This makes job hunting easier for you!

There are a number of employers that position seasonal employees in jobs that match their interests and skills. On top of this, Canadian resorts and national parks all have listings on their respective companies sites. It’s time for you to visit Canada, find an exciting job and explore Canada natural beauty.




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