Canada ‘s 25 occupations in Demand

A report last week by Hays Canada found skills shortages in the country are not acute. By its measure – which looks at wage pressures and labour market flexibility — Canada scores 5.6 on a 10-point scale. A score above the mid-point of 5 suggests employers are having difficulties finding the key skills they need, while a score below 5 shows a slack labour market in which there are no major constraints on the supply of skilled labour.


Here is CIBC’s full list of 25 occupations showing signs of a skills shortage:

Managers in engineering, architecture, science & info systems

Managers in health, education, social and community services

Managers in construction and transportation

Auditors, accountants and investment professionals

Human resources and business service professionals

Professional occupations in natural and applied sciences

Physical science professionals

Life science professionals

Civil, mechanical, electrical and chemical Engineers

Other Engineers

Professional occupations in health

Physicians, dentists and veterinarians

Optometrists, chiropractors and other health diagnosing and treating professionals

Pharmacists, dietitians and nutritionists

Therapy and assessment professionals

Nurse supervisors and registered nurses

Technical and related occupations in health

Medical technologists and technicians (except dental health)

Technical occupations in dental health care

Other technical occupations in health care (except dental)

Psychologists, social workers, counsellors, clergy and probation officers

Supervisors, mining, oil and gas

Underground miners, oil and gas drillers and related workers

Supervisors in manufacturing

Supervisors, processing occupations

20 occupations showing signs of labour surplus

Managers in manufacturing and utilities

Clerical supervisors

Clerical occupations

Clerical occupations, general office skills

Source: Globe and Mail

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Photos  25 occupations desesperating needing workers

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