How to choose a destination province within Canada for your English or higher studies?

While my articles can be useful to aspiring international students from any country, I will be writing with a focus towards assisting Asian, European and Latin American or Spanish speaking  students who form the 2nd largest contingent of students studying outside their country. The first is of course China. No prizes for guessing that!!  

Most International students will be faced with the decision of which  province to choose?

My own understanding is that they choose in this order – VancouverOntario  ; Quebec,  and Calgary  (till recently). Canada may have edged out Australia now-, USA, UK, New Zealand, Ireland, Singapore and then other non-English speaking countries like Germany, France, Sweden, etc.

There are some stats available around this and I will share them soon. But choosing a destination province is never easy. I would suggest stick to this formula:  

1. If you are looking at pure academic achievement – then simply the choice is quite easy. Go to where the course your heart is pining for is. It could be NunavutYukon ; Yellowknife if you intend to study sub-zero temperature or some research like that. Get the picture? If your intended study and subject are clear, the choice becomes very easy. I can quote one particular course, if you have a passion for the outdoors and film making then there is a course at the University of Alberta in Alberta  and I am thinking it may be one of its kind in the world. In the former example cited all the student need to do is look for a university that offers Antarctic studies  and he could very well be on his way to this lovely American continent. Finding this information can done through the search engines or a dedicated overseas education site like  Hineni

2. If academics is important but getting a job later and settling down is more important – Then it is important that you not only choose a course that is available but also that the province that you choose has immigration laws/rules that will allow you to stay on after you complete your course and convert the student permit into work permit (I believe countries like USA , Australia or Switzerland are very difficult in this subject). If a country does not permit such an extension and expects you to leave, then obviously it will not match your requirement. You are better off choosing some other destination country which has more liberal work and immigration policies.

3. Getting a visa is primary because a rejection will finish my dreams completely – The trick to getting a visa to be honest. COMPLETELY. Now sadly a lot of young students are pretty much conned by their ‘consultant’ into showing false education, work experience and financial documents. This is done because the consultant will make money only if the students land in the college and then the college pays the consultant his commission. So the agent will do ANYTHING to get the student there. In case the immigration authorities see through the fraud, the agent gets away scot free but the student loses his ability to get a visa ever again to that country. So choosing an honest consultant is important who gives you transparent information about the process and will dissuade you from putting any fake documents. I am not sure if the various foreign embassies are already doing it, but it is only a matter of time before they start sharing information about fraudulent visa applications and this means you are pretty much shut out of most countries unless and until you are looking at Sudan, Ethiopia, records for instance etc

4. Permanent residency is my goal – Same answer as for 2 above. Make sure the province withing Canada has an immigration policy that is conducive towards long term settlement. Examples would be  Ontario,  Vancouver, Saskatchewan, and Winnipeg, just like Australia and  New Zealand. If you have French as an asset, Quebec province is fantastic!!

5. Earning money is my goal and I am quite happy to return to my home country – Choose a province within Canada with high exchange value because that will automatically mean that you will earn more in your local money  equivalent in a shorter period of time. Interestingly, some of the Middle East countries maybe the choice especially considering that UAE is beginning to get aggressive in trying to attract foreign students. Bear in mind that the Middle East countries do not have tax as well…. but one of the most scientifically and technologically advance it’s  95% Israel. So you could as well study in Israel  and then look at a job anywhee in the UAE for example.

6. I like adventure and want to make sure that there is a lot of it when I am studying – Not a very common request.  So if you want  get to on to the lonely planet website and choose from the various Canadian exciting destinations. I would personally choose some place where I can do sea kayaking and the water is warm. So contact us or visit sites like  Only Canada Tours  the best place for me? Possibly!

7. Peace and security are important to me – Check the world peace and choose accordingly. For sure Canada is there!

8. I want to start a business in that Province – Check the ease of doing business report here n our blog and  by the World Bank*.

9. I want to be in an honest province where I can live a corruption free life – Check the Transparency International corruption index.

10. I want to go where my friends/family are – Good idea actually. When you go abroad you are faced with many adverse situations (see my earlier blog about 1st week syndrome) and having family or friends around will create a safety net and a support system. So it’s a very good decision I would say and they would have already faced many of the situations and are able to guide you when the need arises.  

11. I want to go ASAP – If you are in such a hurry, well quite simply check to see the intake matrix of all the province, region and Canadian cities  and see which one has the next immediate intake and choose that. But be sure to leave at least 2-3 months gap even if all your documents are ready. Admission and visa will take some time and I feel at least 4-6 months is needed to have a tension free experience.

If in doubt about the intake matrix of the different province or any other details simply contact  a Hineni counsellor nearest to you and you will get the information immediately.   I hope that was useful. I would have liked to write more, but it’s been one of those crazy days at work. So maybe I will elaborate further later as this a very important question that most youngsters are faced with.

If you have any other specific requirement please email me on hineni_inquiries(at)mail(dot) com and I will see how best I can answer your queries. Also keep visiting Hineni blog and do some research on your own.   Best Wishes,

Miriam Iom 

New  Managing Director HC

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