Areas of trending towards having job openings in Canada

The following areas are currently trending towards having job openings. (This will be updated on a regular basis)

  1.  .Architectural Technicians
  2.  2.System Testing Technicians  
  3. 3.Medical Radiation Technologists
  4.  4.Medical Sonographers
  5.  5.Dental Hygienists
  6.  6.Dental Therapists
  7.  7.Paralegal  
  8. 8.Law Clerk  
  9. 9.Community and Social Service Workers  
  10. 10.Early Childhood Educators and Assistants  
  11. 11.Hairstylists and barbers  
  12. 12.Electricians  
  13. 13.Plumbers  
  14. 14.Estheticians  
  15. 15.Food Service Supervisors  
  16. 16.Telecommunications Line and Cable Workers  


The following job areas are currently in decline (We don’t suggest looking for training in these areas!)

  1.  1.Forestry and Logging  
  2. 2.Manufactured Mineral Products  
  3. 3.Metal Fabrication and Machinery
  4.  4.Motor Vehicle, Body, Trailer and Parts Manufacturing
  5.  5.Other Manufacturing
  6.  6.Paper Manufacturing  
  7. 7.Printing  
  8. 8.Rubber, Plastics and Chemicals Manufacturing
  9.  9.Wholesale Trade  
  10. 10.Wood Product Manufacturing  

The expert counsellors at Hineni Commnications Educational Services Division are always up-to-date with the current outlook for areas in the economy that are trending towards expansion and growth and where the new jobs will be in the next 6 to 12 months.

This means that we are ideally suited to helping you determine which program is the best suited to match both your interests and the areas where the jobs will be.

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