Am I too old to study English in Canada?

Am I too old to study English in Canada?

I got this off  our facebook questions – “I am married, with children. I would like to go the University of York or Ottawa in Ontario  to further my education, would I be able to handle it? Any input is appreciated..Oh! I am thinking of taking Social. Thanks.”  

Such a poignant moment for this lady in her life that seems quite overwhelming at this stage. What with kids, a desire to pursue her academic and subsequent language dreams later. There is no mention of a husband so maybe she is also a single mom. But hats off to the lady that she has the courage to get back and do what she thinks she needs to do. And posting a query on a public site is a wonderfully brave first step. Well done mom…go for it.  

There are many such in Latin America who have a dream to go on for further language studies in North America but feel they are too old or too bogged down by other circumstances. I would say to you ‘do not become a prisoner of your own mind and get out and do it’. It is not going to be easy but unless you get out there and start exploring the possibility seriously it will only remain a dream. The oldest international student I met was 57  years old, a Mexican lady who came to Canada to study English for a few months and then go back. I loved the woman’s attitude.   During our counseling sessions also we come across quite a few married people who take that first bold step by calling or walking into our office and speaking to a counselor. At least they have taken the first step and I encourage more of you to do the same.

Whether you end up going abroad for your studies is another matter altogether. But at least take that first step if you have a desire in your heart somewhere. And you don’t even have to go to any consultant office.  Contact us and do your own search at your leisure and at any time you want to speak to a knowledgeable advisor, he/she is just a phone call away.   Best Wishes,


Miriam Iom 

New Managing Director of HC

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