Finding Canadian Jobs Online

To help you choose job sites in which to invest your time,  I will outline the range of different boards, each with their own pros and cons, with some examples.

Tips to help you manage the huge amount of job information online:

  1. Create a professional sounding new email address that is dedicated to job search. This will allow you to register with various sites, without clogging your personal email with new incoming emails.
  2. Don’t use too many job sites. Be selective and limit your search to those sites which are most effective for your particular purposes.
  3. Keep organised — make a list (a Word document might be all you need) of all the sites you are using, with the links, so you can check them regularly. Some job searchers have found career management sites such as Jibber Jobber helpful to manage their online job search process.
  4. Don’t forget to switch off the computer and go out to meet employers face to face. Ultimately, this is how many jobs are found and how you will, most likely, be noticed by an employer.
  5. Check out the list of job boards  which our clients have recommended, posted on this blog.
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