Canada Business Development Opportunities

Canada’s rapidly growing economy, vast population and business infrastructure offers tremendous Canada business development opportunities to USA  companies and other countries.   Whether it is setting up operations in Canada, or tapping into Canada’s Market potential, many companies today are experiencing great business success.  More about why do business in Canada.

Business Canada Partner
USA-Canada Business HM can partner with you in all aspects of business development opportunites in Canada.  We have the experience, knowledge and resources to assist the small to medium sized business wishing to explore business opportunities with Canada.  More about our Canada Consulting Team.

Canada Manufacturing Operations
Businesses are setting up manufacturing in Canada to improve their cost competitiveness as well as to be a more strategic supplier to its customer base that is already in Canada.  We can help you with the planning and execution of a manufacturing resource in Canada. Specifically we help you with:

Geographic Location
All Legal and Tax Issues
Local Partners
Risk Mitigation
More on manufacturing in Canada

Canadian Sourcing and Supply
Finding the right Canadian  Partner can afford businesses great cost reduction opportunities.  It is critical to find the right partner that can meet your short and long term supply objectives as well as have the capability to meet all your quality expectations.  USA-Global-Canada Business HM understands the supply chain opportunities and challenges in Canada and can improve your chances of success by:

Finding Quality Partners & Products
Helping with Legal, Taxes and Documentation Issues
Assist in Supplier Management
Provide Logistics Import/Export Support
Penetrating the Canadian Market
Exports to Canada are approaching  Billion Dollars annually.  The Canadian Market is huge, growing fast, and affords a tremendous opportunity to USA or global businesses.  USA-Canada Business  HM can:

Identify Opportunities
Find Strategic Trading Partners
Work with Local Authorities
Assist with Business Development


Canada Businesses Expand in USA, Europe and Latin America 
The USA and South American  markets offers expansion opportunities for Canadian  Companies.  USA-Canada Business HM can help  foreign companies enter the Canadian Market by Providing:
Sales and Management Consulting
Developing Specialized Sales Programs
Strategic Overview & Planning
Canada Sales Rep & Distribution Channels

HM arranges Canada business tours to companies who may be considering an investiment in Canada.  This is an excelent opportunity to preview the Canada Market and meet influential contacts.

Contact us   or call us at  647.448.2052 to learn more about Canada Business Development Training

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