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Where the Jobs are?

If you are thinking of re-entering the workforce, consider one of this growing career fields

Healthcare and Medical Careers

The health care industry has remained the most robust industries in Canada. Within this industry are a number of steadily growing fields as well. This is the reason why it is easy for many applicants to land a job in the health field. In fact, of the 25 jobs listed in Canada News and World Report’s Best Jobs of 2012, nine are related to health care. On top of the list are the fields of Physical Therapy, Pharmacy Technician and Nursing. Other promising careers include those for physicians, optometrists, physician assistants and medical scientists. but there are more than 80 different professions.

The increase in demand for the jobs in this field plus the small availability of workers at present to fill the demand means only one thing: salaries, compensation and benefits are bound to increase as the availability of workers is considerably less than the demand. This field is thus worth studying for those in search of long-term and fruitful careers.

Information Technology:

Information technology. When career site recently analyzed millions of job postings on its web site, researchers found that the fastest-growing category of keywords — including HTML5, Android, mobile app, and social media — were in IT, and a new survey by tech job site bears that out: About 65% of hiring managers said they hope to add tech staff in the first half of 2012. Roughly a quarter of those (27%) said they want to expand their IT headcount by more than 20%.

Openings for software developers who specialize in applications will rise by more than one-third (34%) by 2018, says Best Jobs for the 21st Century , a new book by job market analyst Laurence Shatkin, while companies will hire 20% more computer systems analysts. Rising pay in these fields reflects the surge in demand: Human Resources and Skills Development Canada   statics says that developers of systems software, for instance, earn an average of $94,180 per year. 

Environment and Green Careers

Careers in the environmental field generally fall into two categories: 1.environmental experts such as biologists, economists, sociologists, chemists, or engineers have mastered a particular body of knowledge. Their work generally focuses on the application of that knowledge and

2.environmentalists, individuals who have mastered approaches that work in a variety of environmental situations on issues that often take moral, ethical or advocacy positions.

Here’s a list of some examples of content focused jobs: 

◦Land Use and Preservation, ◦Waste Management and Recycling, ◦Housing and Community Development, ◦Water- or Air-related Issues, ◦Fund Raising and Foundation Work, ◦Environmental Education, ◦Pollution Prevention and Control, ◦Disease Prevention, ◦Environmental Planning.

Here’s a list of some positions available in several different environmental areas: 

◦Research & Development (laboratory technicians: packaging scientists; chemists; biologists; toxicologists) ◦Technical (civil engineering; transportation engineers; environmental health) ◦Regulator (health regulation; environmental regulation; natural resource management regulators) ◦Regulated Industry (Risk assessment; impact assessment, environmental compliance officers; environmental health officers) ◦Policy Analysis (environmental economists; consulting firms; lobbyists; environmental groups) ◦Education (elementary, secondary, post-secondary teachers; parks; nature centers; hands-on science museums or centers; outdoor education)

In examining environment-related employment opportunities, it is possible to explore career options either by “content” or by “position. ” Content refers to employment opportunities that directly relate to certain areas of study or preparation, such as water, air, or solid waste. Position relates more specifically to the type of position, such as educator, toxicologist, or geophysicist, and the setting in which the work occurs including public, private, not for profit organization, or regulatory agency.

The Ministry of Environment often has job opportunities within Saskachewan ministry.  Whether you are looking for a career change or you want to enhance your skills, you may be one click away from finding the opportunity that is right for you.

Startup  Companies

Toronto has a vibrant and quickly growing startup ecosystem with over 500 companies. Some of the biggest local startups include Casale Media, NetShelter Technology Media and Macrae’s Blue Book. A number of venture capital firms, individual & networks of angels and incubators have become part of the Toronto community to help local entrepenuers more quickly develop their businesses. Expect to see Toronto produce many more standout companies.

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