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Live, Work and Study in Canada


In almost all cases, you need a valid work permit to work in Canada. Obtaining one may be difficult, as employment opportunities go to Canadians first. Before you can even apply, you need a specific job offer from an employer who in turn must have been granted permission from the government to give the position to a foreign national. Applications must be filed at a visa office of a Canadian embassy or consulate in your home country. Some jobs are exempt from the permit requirement. For full details, check with Citizenship & Immigration Canada (   Employers hiring temporary service workers (hotel, bar, restaurant, resort) and construction, farm or forestry workers often don’t ask for a permit. If you get caught, however, you can kiss Canada goodbye.

Students aged 18 to 30 from over a dozen countries, including the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and South Africa, are eligible to apply for a spot in the Student Work Abroad Program (SWAP; If successful, you get a one-year, nonextendable visa that allows you to work anywhere in Canada in any job you can get. Most ‘SWAPpers’ find work in the service industry as waiters or bartenders.   Even if you’re not a student, you may be able to spend up to a year in Canada on a Working Holiday Program. You must be between 18 and 30 years old and a citizen of Australia, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, the Netherlands, New Zealand, South Korea, Sweden or the UK. There are quotas for each country and spaces are filled on a first-come first-served basis. Check with the Canadian embassy in your country for details; a list of Canadian diplomatic and consular missions is available from Foreign Affairs & International Trade Canada (

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