Canada-Temporary Work Places (II)

Fruit Picking

Fruit picking – This work is seasonal and casual in nature. It is hard work, so you must be physically fit to attempt fruit picking work. Areas popular for fruit picking include the Okanagan valley, British Columbia, and Ontario. Also, contact the Agricultural Employment Service (AES) for further information on harvest times and where jobs may be available.  Two main locales-the Fraser Valley where the work is completely dominated by South Asians and no one else need apply.

The Okanagan/Similkameen Valleys where years past some French Canadians used to work now orchardists prefer to hire Mexicans-better workers, no complaining and used to spending long hot hours labouring.

A fruitful opportunity for you.  experience a diverse, dynamic and world-wide industry
We are offering the very good seasonal fruit-picking jobs on the international level for the young people who want to get such of seasonal kind of jobs. There are a lot of jobs related with the agricultural field like peeling, packing, harvesting, farming, picking fruits and vegetables, harvesting of crops, planting etc

Generally there is no need of any kind of special experience to become fruit picker as it is just a laborious job to pick fruit and fill the bin which can be easily done by all. Commonly the working day of the fruit pickers start from morning to evening but there is a break in mid day to escape from the scorching heat of sunshine of summer. That’s why there is a need of physical fitness and an exceptional working stamina along with all other gears to do this job i.e. sunglasses, gloves, sunscreen, hat, hardy boots, big drink container, etc.

British Columbia, Ontario; the Maritimes, Other Farm Work; Tobaco

Fruit Picking Opportunities here*


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