Canada-Short Termprary Work (I)

Special schemes for Casual/Seasonal /Short Term Work:

At university Towns: such as part time waitressing, washing up, bar work, house cleaning and sitting, baby sitting, essay typing, assisting at academic conferences


The best cities to look for work apart from Vancouver are Torontom Calgary and Edmonton.

Resorts and hotels like rocky mountains resort of bank, jasper and lake louise mountainm sunshine waterton are among the best to try both summer and winter, in catering, chamber staff trail cutters

Banff Springs hotel chateou lake louise, jasper park lodge, lake luoise inn
inns of Banff park and Banff international hotel and Athabasca hotel in Jasper

VICTORIA. you can find work as

pedicab driver
ice cream vendor

Another place is the Muskoka district Ontario

University towns:

Toronto, Hamilton, St Catherines, Subury and Thunder Bay, Waterloo, London, Windsor Kingston, Perterbourogh.

AGRICULTURAL: Tree planting &   Fruit  Picking

Tree Planting

Every march planting contractors beging to recruit forthe season that begins in april. Big companies are
bugbusters,folklore and trile A

Treeplanting Companies

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