Canada-News & Updates:Skilled Worker Program

As of 26th June 2010, Canadian Immigration regulations have completely changed and it has affected almost every class of temporary visa applicants and permanent immigrants to Canada. However, the most affected class is the skilled worker or the professional class of applicants applying for permanent immigration to Canada.

The skilled workers can apply for Immigration to Canada under the new occupation list published on 26th June 2010.Click here for new occupation list

If you are NOT on the above occupation list, you can still apply under following class / program for immigration to Canada:

(1) If you have 2 years of experience of working in Canada in last 3 years you can apply for immigration of Canada under Canadian Experience class;

(2) If you have studied in Canada for 2 years and have one year work experience you can apply for immigration of Canada under Canadian Experience class;

(3)If you are ready to learn French language you can apply under Quebec skilled worker class.

(4) If you are on H1B visa in USA you can apply under Alberta Skilled worker program.

(5) If you have company to sponsor you in Canada, you can apply with confirmed job offer.

(6) If you have blood relative living for more then one year in the province of Alberta, Saskatchewan or Manitoba, you can apply under respective province’s family skilled worker class.

In the last several years, most immigrants to Canada have settled in three major metros of Canada – Montreal (province of Quebec), Toronto (province of Ontario) and Vancouver (province of British Columbia). Since the major bulk of new and prospective immigrants to Canada chose to settle in these three major cities, other cities located in other provinces of Canada such as Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and the Maritimes do not receive enough immigrants to meet the shortage of skilled workers.

Due to the ever-increasing demand for skilled workers in these provinces, the provincial governments entered in to separate agreements with Citizenship and Immigration Canada department to permit them to devise their own immigration policies. These agreements allow the said provinces to select their own immigrants. However, the final medical and security clearance is solely controlled by the Federal government.

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