How to get a IT job in Canada?

How to get a IT job in Canada?

First off, what is your nationality – do you have citizenship to EEUU (USA)  or is your  country part of  NAFTA? If you do, then it’s easy to get a residence permit, which gives you the legal right to work in Canada.  From there, your past work experience will leave you fairly well-prepared to find work in  Canada. In fact, the IT sector is the industry that a large amount of foreigners find jobs in.

If you don’t have EEUU (USA) citizenship then you have a long journey ahead of you. You’ll need to first find a job, convince a reluctant Canadian employer to hire you because no other local is qualified to perform the job, and then start the residence permit application process. Only once this is granted can you actually begin work. You should note that the Canadas employ an incredibly restrictive, quota-based foreign immigration policy that only grants residence permits to, arguably, the incredibly healthy; the highly skilled and educated immigrant.

For more info, read the Visas for Canada  page.


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