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How To: Land a Job at anywhere in Canada


Getting that call from a Canadian headhunter is a great feeling. The market is tough! Sometimes its fluke, but usually its validation that you have done a good job or someone values you highly enough to refer your name to the headhunter.

So how do you get on their radar? You will be able to find pages and pages of tips but here area couple that will work for you. There are 2 main ways to get headhunted: Building your profile in the market (get noticed) and networking.

1. Build your profile: Be highly competent at what you do,develop a reputation for excellence put in the hard work, show initiative, be a leader and accept responsibility, Never compromise your values or beliefs Keep your word at all times Get noticed and talked about

2. Network: Build and maintain a list of contacts and make an effort to keep in touch with them as often as possible. Join professional associations and bodies. Volunteer to speak at seminars, conferences or industry functions, or write articles for newsletters, newspapers etc. Be confident and promote yourself. Dress and act at the level to which you aspire. Always be there when someone needs your help If you consistently do these things then it wont


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Doors Wide Open   and New Grad Career Expo  for instance  this  January 2012 are having a big hiring year its biggest ever, in fact.   This week we spoke with a coordinator and  manager for them, for advice on getting hired by a variety of fields.   Those managers that  oversees sales hiring in the West and  East Canadian regions.    Both managers  suggests job seekers at  the variety of fields  and elsewhere begin by presenting a picture of what theyve done in their careers as concisely and precisely as possible. Every word on your resume or profile should count,  and job applicants need to understand the difference between responsibilities and accomplishments.   Too often we ourselves receive resumes that describe their previous roles, but dont talk about what they did in those roles that would distinguish them from the 10,000 other people in a similar role.

Be precise. If you were in a sales management position, dont just say you led the sales team, talk about the amount of revenue you brought in, or the specific degree to which you surpassed your sales quota.   Too often [applicants] leave out the numbers because theyre worried they are too low, but without those specifics you dont stand out; you look like everyone else.   Theres also a temptation to be exhaustive when you put your resume together, but a resume that is really tightly written and represents your big accomplishments stands out more than an encyclopedia of everything you have ever done. Be judicious about what you put on there.

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