Business, investment, sourcing and manufacturing in Canada

Doing Business in Canada

In so far as the attractiveness of a country’s investment climate is determined by factors such as access to sizeable markets, labour force quality and availability, capital costs, regulatory environment, and business infrastructure, Canada could certainly be seen as one of the world’s front runners. The country has a small but relatively affluent domestic market, and shares close economic ties with the US.  A well developed and efficient transportation infrastructure and plenty of natural resources (including arable crops, timber, crude oil and natural gas, copper, zinc, iron ore, and fish!) offer support to the business community, and in annual Global Competitiveness Reports, Canada’s information technology and communications infrastructure usually figures highly.

Canada’s economic prosperity is highly dependant on Canada Inc.’s ability to effectively compete in an increasingly integrated, competitive global economy. Unfortunately, as indicated by the former minister’s comments, we are being outpaced by our competitors on this front.  2011 as the Year of the Entrepreneur has been a succesful one for both groups: newcomers and land immigrants.

On the global front, we are being outpaced by our competitors: not just by fast-growing emerging economies like China and India, but also by our more traditional competitors such as the U.S. and Europe, who are aggressively pursuing international policies to strengthen their competitive advantage. Rather than rest on current success, Canada must take on this challenge and plan for what lies ahead.”
– The Hon. D. Emerson, Former Minister of International Trade.   Canada’s State of Trade – 2007

Opening a business in Canada

Want to be your own boss? The idea of starting your own business is appealing to a lot of people and it can be very rewarding. However, a lot of new businesses fail. Our informations,seminars and workshops will help you plan for a successful start to your entrepreneurship journey

Having a second career thought or career reinvention?

Our suggestion is that before signing your name to the student  loan papers, figure out how a degree fits into a bigger career reinvention strategy. Career reinvention, career change can be done again and again. Job responsibility plays major role in it.

As newcommer and landed immigrant you can learn how to get money for your business   and  join us in taking a look back at 2011, as we review our blog activities during the Year of the Entrepreneur. What topics caught your eye? What will 2012 bring?

For other resources and workshops aimed at  business, jobs,  career reinvention and  entrepreneurship, go Reinvention consultancy  here

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