Canadian Employment Market

Are you the type of person who is still making decisions about your career, who is not quite ready yet to take the plunge, make a long-term professional commitment or become attached to a job or calling? Perhaps you like the idea of change, career breaks and moving around.

Uncertainties in the employment market have given rise to a new and growing job classification: the “tempreneur,” an entrepreneur-temp hybrid.  Tempreneurs are managers who seek a temporary schedule that makes it unnecessary to put all of their eggs in one corporate basket. They are independent contractors with an entrepreneurial spirit.” It’s a great way to position yourself and gives you a mental edge.

Temporary workers, or temp workers, are increasingly being used to help companies navigate through the economic recovery and many of them are finding it’s only a matter of time before they find permanent, full-time positions,

Temporary help is a great option for companies coming out of the recession when they’re unsure as to the benchmarks of permanent staff requirements.” Temporary jobs a good first step to full-time position

While temp workers are mostly used in entry-level positions, such as payroll clerks and administration, there is an increasing trend to use “interim managers” – high-level lingo for the same temporary type of position in more senior roles – to help companies get a footing before making a longer- term commitment to hire.

If you choose temporary work, you will be in good company. Two million people per day are employed by staffing companies. Temporary jobs offer an opportunity to earn income, add skills to your resume while continuing your search for that œperfect position. Your temp job can become your career – over 79% of temps work full-time.

 Notice: Important changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program  within Canada pertaining to employers and temporary foreign workers took effect on April 1, 2011.


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