Canada-Business Guided Tours

Let the experts at HC  plan your Exploratory Visit

For further information on the program or To plan a trip please contact  here

This tour is specially designed for those who never visit Canada  in the past. It is a 7 days and 6 nights’ tour of  Toronto and Ottawa area, which are the prime growing production bases in Canada. The main purposes of this tour are to introduce our delegates to government officials and to visit various industries in these fast always growing regions in Canada.

Program Requirements

In the past exploratory visits were  required as part of  for instance the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Business Program (MPNB). The purpose of an exploratory visit is to allow you to identify and assess potential business opportunities as well as to experience Manitoba’s quality of life.

In Ontario (also Canada wide)  all exploratory visits must last a minimum for seven (7) days. It is imperative to do as much business research as possible while in a province. It is also important to look into schooling for your children, housing and living conditions. In your application, you will be asked to provide a detailed diary of what research you did while you were in Ontario, Alberta , Vancouver , Saskatchewan or Manitoba for instance.

HC  will organize your trip in accordance with your requirements and special interests. The cost of this package is CDN$5,000. Special rates are available for clients through business network  Canada. This price is inclusive of hotel rates for 7 days as well as an exclusive city tour complete with interpreter if applicable during which you determine the course of navigation.

Information Sessions

During your Canada Exploratory Visit, you will be required to attend the following:
Personal Interview

All applicants of the Province ( for instane if you pick the  MPNB program)  are required to attend a personal interview with one of the Business Immigration Officers. The purpose of this interview is to further assess the applicant’s business proposal and to determine its chances of success. There is a CDN$50 (cash) interview fee charged at the time of the interview.

Presentation on the chosen  Province 
All applicants must attend a mandatory one hour presentation on the chosen or elected province. The presentation dates remain consistent unless otherwise noted.
 Day Time Language
1st Monday of every month 9:00AM Mandarin /Spanish/ French
2nd Monday of every month 9:00AM Korean / Spanish/ French
3rd Monday of every month 9:00AM Mandarin / Spanish/ French
*The only exception to this schedule is where a holiday falls on the Monday, in which case the presentation would be held on the Tuesday of that week or another date which would be communicated in advance 

Business Information Presentation
The Province will arrange for an informational session at the Canada/Provincial  Business Service Centre, a valuable resource when looking to find business information on Manitoba. The information sessions at the Canada/Provincial  Business Service Centre are scheduled on the Monday afternoon on the day of the presentation.
*This information session is scheduled for groups only and is not mandatory.


HC receives special rates at several of the renowned hotels in the elected province such as the Fort Garry, the Fairmont and the Hampton Inns. ( Ontario,  Montreal or  Manitoba for instace)  In order to receive these exclusive rates it is necessary to let HC take care of the reservations.

Guided Tours & Interpreters

Interpreters for Personal Interview
The MPNB program provides the necessary interpreters which fulfill its program requirements. This service is provided to the client free of charge.

Guided Tours
In order to fulfill the requirements of for instance  the PNB program HC has retained Korean and Mandarin speaking guides to conduct tours of the city. These tours will include historical sites, housing developments, schools, churches as well as prospective business ventures.

In the event that an applicant requires an interpreter for a language other than Korean and Mandarin HC will make the necessary arrangements.
Interpreters and guides are available upon the client¡¯s request and charge an hourly rate.

In accordance with the guidelines set out by for instance the PNB program value-added businesses which provide meaningful and lasting employment in Manitoba are:

Food processing
ICT (Information, Communications and Technology)
Primary Production (example: mining, fishing and farming)
Life Sciences (example: pharmaceuticals and biotechnology); and

If you are unsure as to what type of venture you would like to undertake you will be able to visit and research many of the businesses in these sectors to help with the decision. In the event that you have already decided on a business venture you will visit and investigate specific businesses in that industry.

HC has compiled a list of the finest institutions in Ontario, Montreal and Manitoba based on a wide range of criteria to offer an unbiased opinion. You will be able to visit these institutions during the tour as this will enable you to make an informed decision about the future education of your children.

During your exploratory you will be able to investigate the many of the housing options available in Ontario, Montreal or  Manitoba such as new housing developments, apartments and condominiums. HC has formed alliances with several local realtors who will be able to find you a house catered to your specific needs.

Business Tours Application Procedure  Here.

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