Canada Job Market

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  • What are my chances of getting a job in Canada?
  • Where can I work?
  • What’s it like working in Canada?
  • What are the next steps?
  • What are my chances of getting a job?

You are most likely to find work with multinational or major national employers. A significant number of overseas graduates in Canada are working as teaching assistants or language teachers. Around 75-80% of Canadian  students go into employment directly after graduation.

Typical problems encountered: speaking English or French with a heavy foreign accent can present problems and job seekers from overseas will not have the same access to social networks available to local graduates through their family and friends.
How to improve your chances: you may have to get work experience in your home country before working in Canada and improve your spoken and written English or French.
Language requirements: the ability to speak rudimentary English or French is essential in most organisations in Canada. In some international companies, particularly if you have a strong technical background (e.g. computing and engineering), it may be possible to get by with English, at least in the workplace. You will need to check individual company requirements. Learning English or French before you come to Canada is a good idea and information on courses can be found from most local educational establishments. host English School has of courses for prospects. Your university may also run modules in some foreign languages, including English or French. Self-study and distance learning courses are available through BBC Interactive, Key Languages and the Open University (OU).

Where can I work?

What’s it like working in Canada?

Average working hours: 35-48 hours a week.
Holidays: up to 37 days a year.
Average graduate starting salary: variable depending on the institution attended, the degree subject and the classification, and range from $21,000 to $45,000.
Tax rates: rates of income tax range from 14% to 30%, depending on your level of income.
Working practices and customs: generally quite formal and professional. It is important to be punctual, well organised and polite. As a rule, the canadian compartmentalise their professional and private lives, so try to avoid being over friendly at work. Canadians generally deliberate longer over business decisions and they do not appreciate the ‘hard-sell’ approach to business.
What are the next steps?

Find out how to apply for jobs in  Canada.
Search for a job using our vacancy sources content.
Look for work experience opportunities.
Find out more about living in Canada in country overview.

Major industries: transportation equipment, chemicals, processed and unprocessed minerals, food products; wood and paper products; fish products, petroleum and natural gas.
Recent growth areas: the private sector as a result of changes to economic policy, and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).
Industries in decline: agriculture, construction and lodging.
Shortage occupations: specialists in the medical, energy and agricultural sectors.
Major companies: West Holdings Inc., Wellington Financial , WebTech Wireless Inc.
Vizible Corp., The Matias Corp. , the Cash Store Financial Services Inc.,  Talent Technology Corp. ,  Sycorp Environmental Inc.,   Sunwing Travel Group.
Search for more companies: – Major Canadian Employers Directory, Business directories, Canada Yellow Pages. 
Major cities: Toronto, the capital Ottawa, Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal.



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